Fall & Winter Wildlife Pests

The fall and winter weather may attract more house guests than you invited to your Thanksgiving dinner or holiday mixer. As outdoor temperatures begin to drop, pests including raccoons and squirrels will search for warm, dry places for comfort and protection. Due to both the climbing abilities of these pests and openings in your home […]

Wildlife Calls in Hamilton

Increase of Wildlife Related Calls With these warming trends Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding areas are seeing an explosion of wildlife, not only outside but in attics and under the homeowners decks as well. I think the animals are having an early breeding season due to the rather tepid temperatures in our area. They may think […]

The Many Dangers of DIY Wildlife and Pest Control

When it comes to pest and wildlife control, there are steps homeowners can take to prevent a major pest infestation and wildlife intrusion (Top Ten Steps to Take to Ensure Your Home is Pest and Wildlife Free). However, these are only preventative measures. Once a pest or wildlife issue occurs, homeowners may be tempted to […]

Top 10 Steps to Ensure Your Home is Pest and Wildlife Free

Protecting your home from unwanted pests and wildlife can be a daunting task and in all honesty, it is impossible to bug proof your home completely. However, we at Action Pest Control Services what to share with you these home maintenance and housekeeping secrets that will greatly reduce the chances of a major insect and […]


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