What Are Dock Spiders?

Dock spiders come from the family of dolomedes and prefer living in places where there’s access to water. They are commonly found on docks, boats, boat houses, and even rocks during the mating season. They have evolved over many years to adapt to semi-aquatic life and unlike most spiders, they do not use webs to […]

Creepy Crawlers

It’s October in Ontario Canada which means Halloween is just around the corner. With that in mind, Hamilton residents can expect some ghoulish and creepy Halloween costumes arriving at their doorstep. As fun as it may be to witness the fun at hand it is important to be aware of the other creepy crawlers that […]

Top 10 Steps to Ensure Your Home is Pest and Wildlife Free

Protecting your home from unwanted pests and wildlife can be a daunting task and in all honesty, it is impossible to bug proof your home completely. However, we at Action Pest Control Services what to share with you these home maintenance and housekeeping secrets that will greatly reduce the chances of a major insect and […]

3 Tips On How To Keep The Pests Out Of Your Home This Winter!

With the seasons changing and the weather getting cooler outside, uninvited guests may start to make their way into your home. Don’t grab the bug spray just yet though, because we’re going to give you some tips and tricks that will minimize (or eliminate!) those pests from entering your home. Tip #1 – Watch Out […]


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