Rodent Removal

Our Action Plan for Proven Results in Rodent Removal – 40 Years in the Making!


No matter the rodent – Action Pest Control’s industry-leading, three-part Pest Management Rodent Program ensures an effective and complete removal of rodents from your environment. Whether they’re rats, raccoons or mouse, our quality services safely and seamlessly guarantee a restoration to rodent-free living by: 

  1. Identifying the problem and the entry points: We get right to work in diligently examining the extent of the problem, immediately containing it at the source and disabling it from worsening. 
  1. Formulating the best action plan for your home or property: Here, we leverage our years of industry expertise to ensure our solutions are appropriate and relevant to your property context.
  1. Using industry-leading rodenticides that act both safely and quickly to ensure long-lasting residual effects: This effectively prevents the problem from recurring, reassuring our customers of our quality, and sustainable care. 

We also inspect the entirety of your home to provide a detailed written assessment consisting of all necessary repairs. Should you opt for additional rodent-proofing, we also offer recommendations for the best grade sealants and materials at the most cost effective prices. 

An integral component of our Pest Management Rodent Program is ensuring that our clients are well informed in regards to pest issues and being able to dominate in reclaiming your home from rodents. 

Integrity is a crucial value of ours and a hallmark of our business. At Action Pest Control, we respect and are sensitive to our customers’ privacy. We understand that having pests reside in your property is not an ideal situation for anyone. That is why we work to guarantee confidentiality, offering unmarked vans dispatched to our clients’ location. As best we can, we’ll help mitigate the discomfort of the rodent removal process – making it seamless and stress-free for you. We strongly believe in the quality of our work, and we will do our best to maintain that reputation so that you can have the same confidence in us. 

We are a trusted Hamilton wildlife control company offering lasting pest-control services. We conduct over 6000+ structural treatments per year in the Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville regions, with clients ranging from some of Canada’s leading corporations. With personal experience spanning over thousands of projects, I can guarantee a success rate in effectively removing rodents on behalf of Action Pest Control. For additional information, I kindly invite you to browse through our website or contact us directly. We’d also like to bring to your attention that if you do find better quotes for rodent-removal services – let us know and we can see what our company can do. Please do not hesitate to reach out if we can be of service to you, whenever that may be.


Jim Miner P.C.T


Action Pest Control