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How to choose the right pest control company in Hamilton

For residents of Hamilton, managing pests around the home can be a stressful and difficult task, but it’s important to take action if you fear an infestation. With that in mind, choosing the right pest control company is essential for successful results. One of the top-rated companies in Hamilton is Action Pest – their website, […]

Health Risks of Rodents

With fall weather arriving you might find the change of season brings with it more than just cooler temperatures. The mice and rats that may have gone unnoticed over the summer months are now coming inside to escape the cooler weather and might be looking to make a cozy home out of your house. Once […]

Hantavirus Virus In Rodents

Rodents aren’t the most loved species on the planet and for good reason. 8 out of 13 rodents collected from Younglove Preserve in San Timoteo Canyon, California, have been tested positive for a virus called Hantavirus. What Is Hantavirus? First and foremost, it is important to know the important questions such as; what is the […]

Rodent Control During the Winter Season

The cold temperatures are on the way, and if the proper precautions are not looked after, rodents will be settling into your home. Rodents are a triple threat because they can contaminate food, destroy property and spread serious diseases. They can spread these diseases through their urine and feces or directly through bites. Fleas, lice […]

How does Don Corleone take care of rats?

Well I’m not exactly sure since that’s a fictional movie and a really great one at that, especially if you see how many academy awards it recieved. At Action Pest Control; we try to keep the rats and mice out of Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and Milton. One rodent and one house at a time. We use very effective […]

Have you seen a rat lately in Hamilton?

NORWAY RATS The common rat (Norway rat) is such a terrible pest.  They are destructive little creatures commonly found in urban and suburban neighborhoods.  These rodents eat and contaminate food, damage buildings and other property by gnawing and burrowing in buildings and other properties.  They typically spread diseases due to their filthy nature. How To […]