When it comes to pest and wildlife control, there are steps homeowners can take to prevent a major pest infestation and wildlife intrusion (Top Ten Steps to Take to Ensure Your Home is Pest and Wildlife Free). However, these are only preventative measures. Once a pest or wildlife issue occurs, homeowners may be tempted to take personal action and try to rid of the problem themselves. However, pest control is a potentially harmful and fatal field of practice when done without any professional training or experience. For instance, individuals may create unintentional chemical fires, harm fertile soil, damage property, and cause bodily harm – some instances can be fatal!

One serious case happened in Alberta Canada when a family had an infestation of bed bugs in their apartment and sought to handle the issue themselves. The parents purchased and brought back with them phosphine tables – a regulated poison substance not meant for residential use due to its high toxicity rate. Unfortunately, the poison ended up killing their 8-month-old baby while sickening others in the apartment as well. You can view the video below for the full CBC segment.

More than often wildlife entry points can be found on the top or along the roof of a home. This causes an extremely dangerous situation for homeowners who lack the necessary safety equipment and experience to safely climb ladders and scale roofs. Dealing with Wild animals, especially those with babies can behave unpredictably when put under stress and may attack and inflict bodily harm and infect you with dangerous diseases. Homeowners who are unsuccessful in their attempts to rid themselves of unwanted wildlife can end up prolonging the infestation and causing additional property damage. Simply just patching an animal’s entry point can have disastrous consequences as animals locked inside a home or locked out from their babies can do even more tremendous amounts of additional damage to a home.

Pest control services exist to ensure sure your pest and wildlife problems are taken care of effectively and safely. Do-it-yourself methods are not nearly as effective as methods used by professionals. The consequences of DIY pest control can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding DIY pest control or require any professional guidance and treatment of your pest problem, please contact Pest Control Services today. As much as we are concerned about your pest problems, the safety and well-being of our customers will always be our number one priority.