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The City of Hamilton is facing a growing concern with rats. Despite various prevention measures, these rodents continue to thrive and multiply at alarming rates. As a result, it is crucial to act quickly to prevent further infestations that can damage your home or business. This is where Action Pest comes in. With our expertise […]

4 Common Types of Rats in Ontario | Identification & Prevention

You’re pretty sure you’ve got rats in your home. The squeaking and skittering noises in the walls and attic, gnawed food boxes in the kitchen, and droppings along the walls and under furniture are all dead giveaways. The question is: what kind of rat has taken up residence? There are 4 common types of rats […]

Rat vs Mouse: What's The Difference & How to Control

It’s night, you’re half asleep, and you decide to grab something from the kitchen. As soon as you switch on the lights, a tiny furry rodent scurries around and you’re not sure what you saw in all that panic!  Most likely it was a house mouse or a rat. It is important to make a […]

How to identify Rat Tracks in The Snow

Winter is a great time to get cozy and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while your neighbors build their perfect snowman with their teenagers. While you’re busy working on your bucket list and making plans, it’s Christmas time for rodents, as they aggressively stock their supplies for the coldest time of the year.  Using […]

Rats in the City

The rat population in Hamilton appears to be on the rise, with no signs of slowing. The number of calls to Hamilton Public Health about rats has been steadily increasing since 2010, with the number of complaints doubling from 2010 to 2014, then doubling again from just 2014 to 2015. And the increase isn’t expected […]

Hamilton Facing a Serious Rat Problem

They are everywhere and growing in large numbers. Hamilton is facing a serious rat infestation. The number of calls to Hamilton Public Health about rats has doubled when compared to last year, and the number is expected to increase for at least another two years, said Robert Hall, director of health protection in Hamilton. Hall […]