Hamilton at the Centre of the Rabies Outbreak

Since the first case of raccoon rabies was discovered last December, Hamilton has been at the centre of the outbreak. Before the recent outbreak, Ontario hadn’t seen a case of rabies since 1999. It is believed that an infected animal made its way across the border on a truck or train from the United States’ […]

Rabies and Raccoons in Hamilton

Rabies Infected Raccoons in Hamilton With the recent outbreak of rabies affecting raccoons in Hamilton, as well as the local new stories of dogs being attacked by a rabies infected raccoon, it’s more important than ever to protect your family and pets from the dangers surrounding raccoons. Although the city of Hamilton and the Ministry […]

Protecting Yourself and Your Pets Against Rabies

Protecting You & Your Pets Against Rabies For the first time in a decade, the raccoon strain of rabies has been found in the Hamilton area. Early this month a rabid raccoon was found in Stoney Creek. Since then, the province has been canvassing the area looking for more infected animals and have come across […]

Raccoons with Rabies in Hamilton

Raccoons with Rabies in Hamilton There has been a number of confirmed cases of rabies with raccoons in the Hamilton/Cayuga area in the last few months. Generally the public has nothing to worry about unless they come in contact with a rabid animal. For the most part raccoons are nocturnal and move around mainly after […]


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