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How To Find The Best Pest Control Company

Pests have always been a significant disturbance to our peace of mind and immediate environment. It starts off as a minor issue until they develop into substantial problems requiring professional help. It’s a good tactic to adopt pest prevention methods before it gets to that point, but in some cases, there is rarely much you […]

Treating Bed Bugs — Prepare Your Home First!

Bed bugs have always been a nuisance and a public health concern for many people. As a matter of fact, they’re pretty common, especially in larger and more populated cities. When bed bugs are discovered, treating bed bugs is the first thing that comes to mind. You might try to get rid of the situation […]

Finding Mice in Air Ducts & HVAC Units? We Can Help

You’ve turned on your HVAC unit and all of a sudden you immediately wish you hadn’t! The skittering noises you’ve been hearing in the ceiling at night suddenly becomes louder and a strong odour starts coming from the vents. You’ve discovered that there are mice in air ducts. Now, what are you going to do […]

The Dangers of A Rat Infestation

Rodent-like mammals have been living on the face of the earth for about 66 million years, showing up not long after the last dinosaurs went extinct. However, the rats we know of started living among humans about 15,000 years ago. When you put this timeline into context, it’s no surprise that rats have become adept […]

Can Cats Be Used For Rodent Control?

If you’ve ever watched classic shows like Tom and Jerry or seen clips of The Itchy & Scratchy Show on The Simpsons, then I’m sure you’re well aware that cats and mice don’t actually make great friends. Although they’re just cartoon shows, in reality, the cat and mouse are predator and prey. The smell of […]

DIY Bed Bug Treatments For Your Home

Bed bugs are nasty little critters. They are so small that most people are not even aware that they are there. Although they are not known to normally transmit diseases, they are not something you want to share a bed with. Bed bugs are small and are often difficult to detect. They can enter your […]

Why Should You Hire Bed Bug Experts

Bed bugs are small nasty insects that feed on blood. Not only are they an annoyance, but bed bugs can affect the health of your family members too. If an infestation does occur, your family member may experience rashes accompanied by itching which can lead to infections that require a trip to the hospital. They […]

Debunking 8 Common Bed Bug Myths

Finding a bed bug infestation in your home is bad news for anyone. It’s a stressful and dreadful situation that requires time and money to resolve. However, before you start getting rid of them, you first need to do some quality research first. Judging these creatures based on appearance and stereotypes, there are many assumptions […]

Rodent Related Diseases To Watch Out For

Rat or mice infestations comes with a lot of risks. The most immediate concern for most people is property damage. It goes without saying that mice cause structural damages to homes, contaminate food and chew up clothing and other materials. Having said that, what most people don’t realize is the fact that rodents cause more […]

Keep Mice Out Of Your Cars This Winter!

Over the years, your vehicles will eventually require some form of maintenance. However, it comes as a surprise to many car owners when they find out what’s plaguing their vehicle is a rodent infestation. Due to the pandemic, rodents have been roaming the streets more frequently. The rodent problem gets even worse during the winter […]