Keep Mice Out Of Your Cars This Winter!

Over the years, your vehicles will eventually require some form of maintenance. However, it comes as a surprise to many car owners when they find out what’s plaguing their vehicle is a rodent infestation. Due to the pandemic, rodents have been roaming the streets more frequently. The rodent problem gets even worse during the winter […]

Best Bait For Mouse Traps — Choosing The Right One

Once people find mice in their homes, the first thing most people will do is get a mousetrap to capture the invader. They set them up in corners or crevices, attach bait and wait. However, while some people can be successful and catch the rodent immediately, it seems that some traps require a little bit […]

The Best Bed Bug Treatment For You

Bed bugs are a nuisance. They get in the way of our beauty sleep, they leave annoying itchy rashes and on top of all of that, they’re a public health concern. But there’s no need to be ashamed or embarrassed if you have found them crawling around your home. Bed bugs are pretty hard to […]

The Bed Bug Life Cycle Guide

Bed bugs are tiny, wingless, nocturnal insects that can wreak quite a bit of havoc. However, if you’ve discovered a bed bug infestation early, it will be easier and cheaper to treat compared to a full-blown infestation. When dealing with a large infestation, patience is necessary to get rid of every trace. Well, you can’t get […]

Bed Bug Rash – How to Relieve Them

Bed bugs are the absolute worse. They’re tiny, parasitic, and usually come in great numbers. However, what’s worse is finding out that you have a bed bug rash from becoming their late-night snack. Bed bugs feed on blood from humans and animals. They tend to stay near their food sources and are the most active […]

Rats Versus Mice - Which One Is Worst?

When it comes to dealing with rodents in our homes, it’s no secret that rats and mice are equally unwanted. They’re both rodents that can do a lot of damage. Not to mention, they both look very similar to the untrained eyes. But what makes them different, and how does this affect their impact as […]

Can Mice Survive In The Cold?

Fall is finally here which means soon everyone will be expecting increasingly cold weather conditions in Ontario. Farmers have started harvesting their crops, the leaves are changing colours and thanksgiving is right around the corner. But what does that mean for rodents and other pests? Can mice survive in the cold? Well, simply speaking yes. While everyone […]

How Bed Bug Bites Affect You & Your Pets

Mention the word bed bugs and expect everybody within hearing distance to react collectively in terror. Once bed bug bites start to appear, they can make any homeowner freak out. Especially if there are other family members and pets at home. It’s understandable why, though. Bed bugs might be small in size, but they are […]

The Best Insect Repellant For You

Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors is always on the hunt for the best insect repellant. Who can blame them knowing how detrimental insects, especially mosquitoes can be to our health? But there are tons of different types of insect repellants available in the market nowadays. It’s almost as if you see something new come […]

Termite Inspection For New Homes

You’ve been working hard and have been saving money for years. You’ve finally bought your first house – your new home and all that hard work has finally paid off. However, not many people know this but, there is another step you should take before you move everything in. That is to get a termite […]


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