At least 30% of the time, bugs and other pests gravitate to your homes because they’re in search of necessities. The presence of pests may not necessarily be because your home or the environment is dirty. Although if your home is dirty and cluttered it may be one of the reasons why you draw more pests. The good news here is that you can prevent and stop these pests from accessing your home with effective pest control methods.

4 Reasons Why Pests Keep Coming Back

Yes, one obvious reason can be because your home is cluttered and dirty but, there are other contributing factors as to why they keep coming back that you may have overlooked. Below are four other main reasons why pests revisit your homes regularly:

  • Shelter: Most pests look for shelters in your homes to protect themselves from extreme temperature changes, other weather conditions and to hide from predators. In other words, even when your home is not dirty you may find pests hanging around because they want shelter. Pay attention to pest-prone areas and regular fumigation to prevent them from making your home into theirs.
  • Repopulation: When you have clutter around your home, it serves as a great nesting place for pests to hide. Pests can foster great numbers very quickly. The average cockroach can lay up to 16 eggs at a time and can produce 200-300 offsprings in a year. Those offsprings will eventually mate and reproduce the same, causing an infestation if not caught early on. Places that usually get cluttered are your cabinets, drawers, and closets.  
  • Entry Points: Pests vary in size. The smaller in size the harder it is to see and keep out. The most common entry points are doors, windows and cracks found along walls and floorboards. Make sure to seal these off with a sealant to prevent pests from coming in. 
  • Age: The older your home is the more pests it can have or attract. Older homes tend to provide more entry points such as cracks. There’s a chance that pests have been around previously but past tenants and owners didn’t use preventative measures, causing an infestation to be present. 

Do you need a Pest Control Company?

The services of a pest removal company isn’t necessary if you carry out good housekeeping and seal off entry points. However, to prevent a pest infestation, you may need regular fumigation by a competent pest control company such as Action Pest. Don’t forget no matter how neat your home may seem, pests have a way of finding a few pieces of debris or crumbs to cling on. Not to mention, a professional pest control company can also advise you on different tactics to maintain a pest-free environment. 

Ways To Prevent Pests From Entering Your Homes

Aside from keeping your home clean, there are other ways you can get rid of pests or stop them from gaining access. In fact, one of the most common ways people get rid of pests is by getting a professional to spray insecticides prior. Below are some of the most effective ways to keep your home safe from pests:

  • Seal Up Cracks: Most of the time bugs and other pests tend to hide inside cracks around your home. Seal those cracks up! If you like to keep your windows open, a mesh cover will keep the insects at bay. 
  • Store Food Sealed Tight: Pests are attracted to open food lying around. Small crumbs are a food source for these pests and will do their job in attracting them. Storing leftover food away, sealing chip bags and eating over a plate will catch the tiniest crumbs preventing bugs from getting into your food. 
  • Cleaning and Sweeping: If you regularly sweep and vacuum your home, clear away debris and clutter the pest will have no reason to come around. Good housekeeping is one of the obvious tactics to keeping pests away from your home.
  • Dry Up Damp Areas: Don’t forget, these pests are not just seeking food, they also want water.  Damp areas are also great for attracting mold and bacteria, something that will also help attract pests. So if you have damp areas such as drains and faucets or leaking pipes, try your best to keep it as dry as possible by allowing proper ventilation and using a  good old drying cloth. 

Prevention is the first step, sealing entry points, storing food properly and overall keeping the house clean is what will keep your home pest-free. When you hire a company like Action Pest, they will consult with you about different strategies to keep the pests outside. They will point out entry points, and provide safe and affordable solutions so that you can rest with ease. Action Pest not only has years of experience, but they also demonstrate professionalism and confidentiality through their consultation. They’re not happy until you are. Visit Action Pest for more information about pest control, removal and prevention.