Cockroaches are one of those insects that you sometimes can’t avoid.  They’re everywhere and let’s face it, they are annoying!  Over the many years I’ve been doing pest control, I’ve seen horrible infestations.  There isn’t much difference in the number of roaches in Hamilton or Toronto.  The fact is that they exist and Action Pest Control is here to help you get rid of them.

I just wanted to answer some common question I get about cockroaches:

Are cockroaches dangerous?

The short answer: YES. Second to house flies, cockroaches are dangerous because they spread disease. Because cockroaches are exposed and travel through many different habitats, they are susceptible to disease which may ultimately be transmitted to humans. Diseases like salmonella, typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera, and leprosy are a few that can be caused because of cockroach infestations.

What are cockroaches attracted to?

Contrary to popular belief they aren’t attracted to unclean houses.  Three simple things attract cockroaches: food, water, and shelter. Foods with starch are preferred, but they will eat generally anything, even concrete.

When is the best time to catch or see a cockroach?
Nighttime. Cockroaches are nocturnal – meaning they will come out at night. When trying to catch them, you should be careful. A small lick of light will send them into a scurry.

How do I stop cockroach infestation?

You can’t necessarily stop or prevent an infestation. However, there are many preventative measures you can take in order to minimize the chances of infestation. Good sanitation is not necessary, but it will help with future infestations. Be very cautious of packages that you are brining into your home. Also, eliminate opportunities of infestation by clearing accessible, open food.