Cockroaches have roamed the planet for millions of years and are expected to continue to survive long after we cease to exist. Fossil evidence has uncovered cockroaches dating back 280 to 320 million years. Here are some other interesting facts about cockroaches that you might not have known:

Cockroaches can survive without their head for up to seven days. The only reason they cannot survive longer is that at that point they dehydrate to death without their heads. They are one of the most resilient pests around.
They can survive without their heads because, unlike humans, their brains are in neural packs on their backs. It has allowed them to adapt to not having a head.
A headless roach does not bleed to death because its skin is made differently. Their skin is capable of closing wounds by sealing it themselves. That is how cockroaches can continue to live until they die of dehydration.
Cockroaches die of dehydration, not starvation, after seven days because they can live for about 30 days without food, depending on conditions. If it is reasonably warm and comfortable where they are, cockroaches can survive easily until they find a source of food.
They spend about 75% of their lives in small, tight and dark crevices. That is why you are likely to spot them after turning a light on. It signals them to scurry back into a hiding spot. When that happens, you should pay attention to where they go so you can pinpoint their harbourage areas.

As pest control specialists, knowing where cockroaches are hiding helps us exterminate them from your home. We use procedures for all species of roaches that rid your home of pests effectively using our integrated management program. Using this program, we make your home unappealing to cockroaches by removing standing water, food, and other materials that allow them to spread. We use a vacuum to eliminate as many cockroaches as we can before using a gel bait or chemical treatments. We will return after a few days of the traps being set out to follow up with a re-treat or bait so that your home can be roach-free as soon as possible. Remember, cockroaches are attracted to any dwelling that is moderately temperate with food and water available.

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