Homeowners beware–sighting mice or rodents in your home can incite an uncomfortable situation.
Whether in your basement, kitchen, bathroom or attic, rodents squirming around can cause feelings of
uneasiness and fear. Mice are notorious for seeking shelter indoors during the cooler seasons, and once
they build a shelter inside, they can cause more than just an unpleasant infestation. It’s also a huge
health and safety concern to keep them around.

Remember, there’s never just going to be one mouse in the house. They multiply very quickly. It’s crucial
to act quickly–and if not by yourself, find the professionals who can take care of an infestation.
Here are some simple steps to keeping them out of your home:

● Screen your home for any areas vulnerable to points-of-entry: These pests are very
resourceful creatures that can enter your home through the smallest of openings and require very
little room to move around. In order to avoid this, take a careful look around your home and install
door sweeps on exterior doors, repair damaged screens, seal any gaps or holes around the
corners of your home. Making your home rodent-proof is an effective way to keep the mice out
and your home safe from a potential infestation.
Rule of thumb: If you can fit a pencil into any opening, a mouse can definitely get through it.

Keep food and garbage away: Store your food and leftovers in airtight containers locked away
in the fridge. You don’t want to leave garbage bins in your home for too long to attract more
rodents. Mice only need 3-4 grams of food per day in order to survive, and so you want to
eliminate the chances of them getting their hands on any residue, crumbs and food sources.
Make sure to dispose the garbage bags as frequently as you can because mice have sharp
incisor teeth so plastic bags are no match for these hungry pests.
It’s important to remember that good sanitation won’t get rid of the mice in your home but poor
sanitation will definitely attract them.

● Keep the air in your home ventilated and dry: Mice are known to thrive in wet and moist areas
of your home. In order to avoid this, eliminate all moisture sites and plug any leaking pipes or
clogged drains that will create a perfect breeding environment for these rodents. Other areas to
keep well ventilated and dry are your attics and basements.

● Call a licensed pest professional: Not everyone is comfortable or equipped with the right
knowledge to take on pest control. It can be a completely uncomfortable and unsafe experience.
The best fool-proof method is to get in touch with your local pest control agents to inspect and
treat the issue.

Rodent control and management are important for the health and safety of your home and family. If you
do suspect an infestation, visit Action Pest Control. Action Pest Control has been serving the Hamilton
area for over 30 years and deliver the highest level of service to protect your family, home, and business
from pests