Who doesn’t love the summer season? The warm sun hitting your face, the smell of summer barbeques wafting over randomly. As you prepare for all the exciting outdoor activities, keep in mind that summer is also the season that attracts the most pests and insect activity. During the warm weather season, humans are not the only ones that love to come out, pests also prefer the heat. It’s when they crawl out to find food and mate. This is why you see more pests come out during picnics and barbeques.

Apart from the obvious annoyance that summer pests can cause, they also pose a serious threat to your health. So, if you plan on throwing a backyard barbeque party this summer, here are some extra precautions you can take to ensure that your environment is pest free. Now, do keep in mind that it’s not possible to get rid of all the pests, especially if you’re outdoors, but some of these tips and tricks will definitely help control the situation from being a full-blown infestation.

Why Summer Pests Are Attracted To Your Home During Barbeques

Factors like stagnant water, dirty grills, nearby bushes, clogged gutters, and even outdoor lighting can all be reasons that insects are attracted to your homes. However, even if you have taken steps to mitigate these factors, summer pests can still find a way to join your barbeque party.

This is because insects are attracted to food the same way that humans are. So, when you prepare your grill for cooking, various insects will detect the change in temperature and the smell of food which will ultimately attract them to migrate toward your grill. Some pests that you may have to face include yellow jackets, flies and ants.

If your party goes well into the night, mosquitoes and moths will most likely swarm you and your guests because they are more active in the later hours of the day. You probably have a fire going or some outdoor lights but don’t forget moths and other insects are attracted to the light.

These summer pests will not only make you paranoid throughout the day and night, but they may leave your guests feeling itchy with bites while even contaminating your food and drinks. It’s not a good way to end off a delicious barbeque.

So, before you start planning your summer barbeques, make sure you pay close attention to pest control methods and take extra precautions. Being organized and tidy is just not enough. Since pests come out more in the summer and are also attracted to gatherings that involve food here are some helpful tips and tricks that’ll hopefully decrease the number of pests you see that day.

Tips & Tricks For Hosting A Pest-Free Summer Barbeque

For a pest-free barbeque, there are certain things you need to prepare. It may seem like a lot of trouble but preventative measures are always better and much more affordable than corrective ones. Here’s a list of some tips and tricks to hosting a pest-free backyard barbeque.

  • Don’t let trash accumulate throughout the barbeque. Don’t leave dirty plates and cutlery around.
  • Schedule your barbeque during the early hours if possible since there will be less bug activity.
  • Cover any food you are not eating or cooking.
  • If you have an outdoor fan, use it around the eating area to deter flying insects.
  • Provide the option of allowing your guests to eat indoors.
  • Decorate the area with lavender or marigold. These flowers naturally repel insects.
  • Certain scented candles and essential oils also repel insects. Check out this list.
  • Combine equal parts of water and bleach in a bowl and place it outside. The smell will drive insects away.

What To Do When You’re Finished With The Grill

If you plan on hosting more barbeques throughout the summer, you’ll need to prepare in order to maintain a pest-free environment. Some steps you need to take include making sure your grill is clean after you use it. Checking your grease trays, and remove any traces of grease or food build-up. Don’t leave it for the next day, or for the next time you use it. Of course, you should also keep your barbeque covered when it’s not in use as this will ensure that pests can’t access it with ease.

Another thing to look out for is the burner. It’s a comfortable place bugs tend to hide in so, make sure that area is secured and covered as well. On another note, do not under any circumstances, use bug spray or insecticide on your grill. It can ruin your grill, poison your food and cause serious health issues. Besides taking care of your grill, you’ll need to clear away any garbage nearby and make sure no one accidentally dropped food on your lawn. Make sure you clear away plates, utensils, and any other containers too. This could attract bigger pests like raccoons and rats later on in the evening.

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