Spring is here! The weather brings more than sunny days and flower blooms; it also accompanies the release of pests from hidings into our homes. The good news is that spring cleaning significantly reduces the chances for rodent and insect infestation. Places notorious for pest infestations include basements, storage areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. Below are a few tips that can help you direct your spring cleaning routines towards keeping your home and business free of unwelcome pests.

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Tips for Outdoors

Take a tour of your office building or home to recognize any entry points that pests can make their way through. Ripped door and window screens must be fixed along with loose mortar around windows and defects in weather stripping. Replace or restore any damaged shingles and roof fascia. Dead tree stumps which casually lay on your premises can host hundreds of insects, removing the stumps immediately can avert a massive infestation.

Tips for Kitchen

The kitchen is a constant source of water and food. We are bound to drop crumbs leave fruit on the counter, which entices rodents and insects.

Storage areas in the kitchen make up for ideal hiding spots for pantry pests. Cigarette beetles, rice weevils, confused flour beetles, and Indian meal moths are regular pantry pests that you may come in contact with. Getting rid of all stale lentils, spices, flour, and cereals is a great place to start. Paper bags which contain sugar and starch can be ripped through and invaded with ease, so you should invest in airtight glass jar containers. Regularly cleaning your cupboards and shelves to clear out any sticky remnants and crumbs is a must.

Cleaning and checking around your kitchen should also be considered to get rid of ants and mice. Make sure to clean inside and under all appliances for any build up of crumbs or spills.

Tips for Bathroom

Pests, such as silverfish, firebrats, and cockroaches are attracted to areas with moisture, making the bathroom their haven. Inspect bathtubs, toilets, and showers for moisture problems and have them repaired immediately. Routinely replace and wash shower curtains, along with regular cleaning of all your shelves and cabinets.

Tips for Basement

Basements are a composition of dark corners and clutter that keep rodents and insects comfortable. Insects can go through cracks as thin as a sheet of paper while mice can squeeze through holes the size of a quarter.

To keep insects and mice out of your basement, search for crevices and cracks in the foundations and seal them. Store all your belongings, such as keepsakes, important papers, and files in airtight plastic containers. Regularly clean out the basement and get rid of any old newspapers, magazines, and records. Avoid the usage of cardboard boxes and stick to plastic bins and bags to protect your belongings from pests and water damage.

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