Can Cockroaches Survive in the Cold?

A lot of people believe cockroaches are nearly invincible. For one thing, they can supposedly survive a nuclear apocalypse. (Not true, according to this article.) They can also survive for weeks without a head. (Unfortunately, this one is true.) What about Ontario winters, however? Can cockroaches survive in the cold?  At Action Pest, we’re often […]

4 Common Types of Rats in Ontario | Identification & Prevention

You’re pretty sure you’ve got rats in your home. The squeaking and skittering noises in the walls and attic, gnawed food boxes in the kitchen, and droppings along the walls and under furniture are all dead giveaways. The question is: what kind of rat has taken up residence? There are 4 common types of rats […]

What do Bed Bug Eggs Look Like? Identification

When we think of a bug problem, we normally think about cockroaches, ants, or spiders, but none of these are as vicious toward humans as bed bugs. These pests can draw blood from the human body for up to 5 minutes and leave you itching with multiple scars. Bed bugs aren’t the usual pests that […]

Carpet Beetles in Canada: Identification, Control & Prevention

We’ve all been through nightmares imagining cockroaches, rats, and mice invading our house, but some pests are too tiny for us to spot, and that’s why they can be more damaging. What might appear to be a small black dot on your white sheets or clothing blanket can be the first indication of carpet beetles. […]

5 Common Types of Cockroaches In Ontario

Cockroaches are some of the most surviving insects you can come across. We’re all aware of this fun fact in school that they can live days without their head, but they only look good in science books and you wouldn’t want to see them inside your house or around your office. There are more than […]

Easy Mice Control: How to Find Mice Entry Points

Mice are a really common problem in urban areas. When we think of mice, we often picture dark alleyways, trash cans, and black garbage bags, but they can sometimes be much closer than we think. Mice have tiny bodies that can fit through the tiniest of cracks and crevices. These tiny rodents are on the […]

Rat vs Mouse: What's The Difference & How to Control

It’s night, you’re half asleep, and you decide to grab something from the kitchen. As soon as you switch on the lights, a tiny furry rodent scurries around and you’re not sure what you saw in all that panic!  Most likely it was a house mouse or a rat. It is important to make a […]

Are Deer Mice Dangerous?

If you’re reading about deer mice chances are you’ve seen one or spotted their signs. Deer mice are notorious for entering homes through the tiniest holes and openings. While they might look tiny, do not mistake their beady eyes for cuteness.  Disease from deer mice can jump the species barrier and in some cases prove […]

How to Remove Mice Urine Smell: Easy 6 Steps

Chewed up furniture, little black droppings and greasy marks are a nightmare for any homeowner. What’s worse? Is the potent mice urine smell that comes next. It’s bad, strong, and makes the whole house foetid.  Mice are tiny rodents that sneak into your house for warmth, shelter, and in search of food. Once they identify […]

What Are Dock Spiders?

Dock spiders come from the family of dolomedes and prefer living in places where there’s access to water. They are commonly found on docks, boats, boat houses, and even rocks during the mating season. They have evolved over many years to adapt to semi-aquatic life and unlike most spiders, they do not use webs to […]