The Holiday Season & Giving Back To Your Local Community

The holiday season is officially here and it’s the perfect time to reflect on your past achievements and future goals. It is also the season of giving and helping others – not only your family and friends, but also your neighbours, colleagues, and local community. Our team at Action Pest is not only devoted to […]

Are Rats Infesting Your Home This Winter?

When the mercury on the thermometer starts to plunge, rats are forced to flee their natural habitats to seek shelter from the elements and places such as your home or office provides the perfect resource.  While many homeowners and businesses think their pest control problems are over when the winter arrives, the reality is, rat […]

Protecting Your Home from Fall Pests

Fall means warm drinks, soft sweaters, crisp mornings, cold evenings, and family gatherings. However, the season of Thanksgiving can also mean some unexpected (and unwelcome) house guests: animals and insects who are starting to look for shelter in advance of the coming winter. As the seasons change, one must properly maintain the outside of one’s […]

Stop the Swarm!

Another season of Canadian summer pests is upon us. Every year, a multitude of people are faced with the problem of finding wasps around their property. Wasps grow in population and get more aggressive in the heat, which is why being proactive is so important. Here are some things you can do to stop wasp […]

Ants and The Need For Removal

While a few ants in your house, apartment, or office building may not seem like a pest problem, it is important to take control of the situation before it gets out of hand. As ants track food and grease through your space, they leave behind a trail of pheromones, which other ants then follow. Ants […]

Different Ways to Stop Wildlife from Getting Into Your Home

No matter how durable a home is built, wildlife will most likely find a way of getting into it. This is quite common and while we may not be able to avoid wildlife from entering our homes forever, there are definitely things one can do to decrease the chances of it happening. Squirrels, raccoons, mice, […]

Before and After tips to get the most out of your pest Control Treatment

Pests and insects can cause significant issues and not just in the form of poisoning food, ruining furniture and making messes, but they are also carriers of several diseases. This is the reason why most people get paranoid when they see pests and insects in their house. The first thing you should do is learn […]

Things to consider when looking for the best pest control company

You work hard to keep your home tidy, but if your house or office has pests, you are probably finding it difficult to live in peace. Pests can cause you stress and anxiety as they run around your home and dirty your belongings by laying eggs or damaging your property. Pests such as houseflies, cockroaches, […]

5 Thing You Didn’t Know About Cockroaches

Cockroaches have roamed the planet for millions of years and are expected to continue to survive long after we cease to exist. Fossil evidence has uncovered cockroaches dating back 280 to 320 million years. Here are some other interesting facts about cockroaches that you might not have known: Cockroaches can survive without their head for […]

This "Kissing Bug" Could Kill You

This nasty little bugger could be the kiss of death. A biting insect prone to chomping on lips — unofficially dubbed the “kissing bug” — has become a terrifying menace after researchers revealed that up to 30% of its victims develop life-threatening health problems, including heart disease and sudden death.   They say the inset […]


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