Do You Have to Leave the House for Pest Control?

You’ve noticed signs of an infestation in your home and made the smart decision to call a pest control company. Your next question is probably, “do you have to leave the house for pest control?” Previously, the answer would have been yes. Rodent and insect infestations are known for their resistance to DIY pest control […]

What Pest and Rodent Control Services Are Available?

Few things are more upsetting than discovering evidence of a pest infestation in your home or business. Insect or animal droppings, gnawed furniture, discarded exuviae, and dead bugs are all signs that you’ve got a situation on your hands, and it needs to be taken care of before it gets out of control. When you […]

Summer pest control - what to look out for

The summer months are well underway. By now, you’ve probably enjoyed several backyard barbecues with your family and spent a few long, lazy hours lounging beside the pool. What keeps this scene from being completely idyllic is the knowledge that while you’re doing your summer reading, pests are trying to get inside your home. Many […]

Hamilton and leptospirosis - What is it and should you be concerned?

On June 3, the Hamilton Spectator published a story that filled dog owners across the city with dread. A woman reported that her beloved Scottish deerhound had suffered permanent liver damage after contracting a rare bacterial disease. The apparent cause was something that dogs do every day: eat grass. Only this grass had been contaminated […]

Pest Control in Agriculture

Farms are a critical part of Ontario’s supply chain, but their efforts can be threatened by pests. When that happens, not only is their livelihood impacted, but consumers are faced with a reduced supply of affordable fruits, vegetables, grains, and eggs. Like homes and businesses, agricultural buildings like barns, silos, and processing centres have openings […]

What Does Pest Control Do For Bed Bugs?

According to the 2018 Bugs Without Borders survey, professional exterminators get more calls about bed bugs than any other type of pest, fleas and cockroaches included. It’s easy to see why: bed bugs are noxious invaders that bite you while you sleep, leaving you with skin rashes and psychological trauma. Signs of an infestation include: […]

Affordable Pest Control: How To Source The Best

When you’re desperately in need of affordable pest control, there’s more to it than running a Google search and taking your chances. How do you know that the company is reputable? How do you know that they can deliver quality yet cost-effective results? It’s important to find a medium between pest control that’s affordable and […]

City and Country Pest Control: How to Detect and Deal With Problems

When you hear the words ‘pest’ or ‘infestation,’ one of two images likely comes to mind: A neglected house or apartment building swarming with cockroaches and bed bugs. A weatherbeaten barn full of grain sacks that are rapidly being depleted by rats and mice. While these hypothetical scenarios aren’t off the mark, they don’t tell […]

Major Pest Control Issues: Signs And Fixes

You may not see those bugs and rodents sneaking into your home or business, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Every type of pest leaves some sign of their presence, so in this blog, we’ll reveal signs that you may have major pest control issues and what you can do about them. Droppings Pests […]

Restaurant Pest Control: Helping You Stay In Business

When you run a restaurant, the last thing you want to see or hear about is pests running across the establishment. Your kids may have loved the cooking scenes in Ratatouille, but rats and mice in your restaurant kitchen aren’t cute: they’re a health hazard that can get you shut down. What’s even worse is […]


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