Living in a condo may make you feel like you don’t have to worry about pests, especially when you live up high. The reality is that pests can still find ways into your unit, whether they climb all the way up from the ground floor or you accidentally bring them in yourself on your shoes, clothes, or your pet’s fur. When you live in a freehold townhouse or a home, then you are the only one responsible for the pests in your home, but when you share space in a condo, it becomes a group effort.

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One thing you can do is make sure to check your dog and your coat for any pests that are trying to make their way into your condo unit with you before you go into the unit. Do a once-over before going into the building and check again before crossing into your unit. Once inside, make sure that you wipe your shoes off at the front door and remove them right away. Do not traipse through your house wearing outdoor shoes, as pests can be spread throughout your home much easier.

Another thing you have to do is keep your unit as clean as possible. When you live in a condo, you only have control over your unit, and there is less recourse (but not none) to complain about messy neighbours. Keeping your unit clean, however, means that pests have fewer places to hide in your unit, as they love corners and crevices where they can’t be found. Making sure that food and drinks are not left out for them to snack on, and that your pantry is stored in sealed containers rather than their original boxes also helps with this.

If you do notice that pests are getting in from a specific place, such as a small crack in the wall, it is a great idea to seal the crack to keep them from making their way in. With vent systems that are connected to other units, however, you will have more problems. In both of these cases and all cases of pests in condos, it is essential to go to the condo managers. It is their responsibility to ensure that everyone’s unit is being kept in reasonable condition and that if it is necessary a pest control service is brought into the condo.

One pest problem that is more difficult to combat in condos is bedbugs. These little bugs can cause severe allergic reactions, and if they are found in a condo, then you may need to replace furniture. To save your mattress, you should get a waterproof mattress cover, which will keep bedbugs from getting in. If bedbugs do make a home in your home there are sprays you can use to kill them, but a professionally trained pest control expert will be able to deal with the problem, and identify every infestation, with practiced ease – and hopefully save your furniture.

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