During the peak of COVID-19, restrictions on movement and travel were put in place to prevent the further spread of this virus. Since then, these restrictions have loosened. Now that it’s summer, people tend to have more free time which means booking vacations and looking to do more travelling. However, when you travel, don’t forget that there will always be pests. You always have to be cautious when travelling. You don’t want to bring any of them home with you, especially bed bugs!

Completing a bed bug inspection first is super essential when it comes to preventing them from coming home with you. Bed bugs can easily attach themselves to your clothes, bags, and any other item you will take with you to your hotel or temporary living space. That’s why it’s so important for you to learn some tips and tricks to avoid bed bugs when travelling. Let’s start off with some precautionary measures first!

Bed Bug Inspection — Precautionary Measures

When it comes to pests, the best way to manage them is to prevent them in the first place. In your own home, completing a periodic bed bug inspection is an effective way to ensure bed bugs haven’t wandered in. However, when you’re in a hotel or a resort, you don’t really have the luxury or the capacity to do that. Therefore, you will need to take certain precautionary steps in order to prevent bed bugs from coming home with you. Here is a list of steps you should follow when you arrive at your stay.

1) Don’t Place Your Luggage On Your Bed Or Carpet Area

The urge to quickly unpack to start your vacation can be very strong, but bed bugs are infamously known to hide near and around your beds. Put your luggage on the tiled floor or on top of drawers to keep it safe.

2) Conduct A Bed Bug Inspection

Your bed is the first place you should check. Lift up all the sheets and covers and check for dark or rusty spots, fecal matter, larvae as well as any other tell-tale signs. After clearing the bed, you should move on to other furniture, corners of the room, your drapes and anything other nook and crannies that are difficult to reach.

3) Check For Any Strange Odours

Individual bed bugs tend to release an odour called alarm pheromones when they are disturbed. The odour is similar to a musty, slightly acidic and sweet smell resembling berries. However, the smell is only prevalent when there’s a large gathering and is usually mixed in with other scents like dead bugs and their waste. So, if you smell something strange in your room it’s a good sign that there’s an infestation.

4) Always Keep Your Luggage Covered

Store your luggage in a plastic bag, wrap it up or keep it elsewhere. Covering your luggage will ensure that your clothes and any other personal items will be bed bug-free for your return home. The bed bugs won’t be able to crawl inside.

5) Inspect Your Belongings Before You Go Home

Although this isn’t a precautionary measure, it’s definitely an important step! Always perform a thorough bed bug inspection of your luggage and carry-ons before you go home. Even if you have brought a bed bug home, exterminating your luggage will always be easier and cheaper than having to exterminate your home.

Overall, following these steps will ensure that your chances of encountering bed bugs when you return from your trip will be diminished. For those who are still slightly wary, here are some other precautionary measures along with other tips and tricks you may want to know.

Signs To Look Out For During Your Bed Bug Inspection

To help you out a little more, here are some signs to look out for if you suspect bed bugs are present.

  • Stains on the Bed: Check the bed, sheets, pillows and covers for any tiny blood stains that may have been left by past occupants or bed bugs that have fed.
  • Watch for Movement: Bed bugs tend to prefer being out of sight. The first time you pull apart your sheets check to make sure you don’t see any bugs scurrying about.
  • Musty Scent: Individual bed bugs tend to emit a musty and sweet odour similar to berries. When there’s a large infestation, however, the sweet, sometimes acidic smell is usually overpowered by the smell of dead insects and fecal matter. The stench is also thanks to their blood-filled diet.
  • Check for Fecal Matter, Shells, or Skin: Bed bugs go through 5 stages in their life meaning they’ll have to shed at least 5 times. This leaves behind many layers of skin lying along with their waste and shells.

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