Few things are more upsetting than discovering evidence of a pest infestation in your home or business. Insect or animal droppings, gnawed furniture, discarded exuviae, and dead bugs are all signs that you’ve got a situation on your hands, and it needs to be taken care of before it gets out of control.

When you call an exterminator, they will use different pest and rodent control services to eliminate the infestation, depending on the type of pest involved. In this blog, we’ll go over the different types available and what you can expect with each one.

Bed Bug Control Services

Finding bed bugs on your pillows, bedding, and in mattresses can be your worst nightmare. They disturb your sleep, their bites can leave painful welts that may lead to secondary skin infections, and they spread fast. Many homeowners have to throw out or reupholster several furniture items, and even then, it may not eliminate the problem.

Conventional bed bug treatments for minor infestations include:

  • Mattress encasements
  • Pesticide sprays and dusts
  • Pesticide injections in cracks and crevices

The treatment used will depend on the nature and extent of the infestation. Your pest control professional will make the appropriate recommendation after inspecting your home and assessing the situation. For heavy bed bug infestations, the best solution may be a heat treatment that raises the space’s temperature to a level that the bugs cannot survive.

Pest and Rodent Control Services

Bed bugs aren’t the only types of invaders you need to worry about. Other pests that can make a disastrous impact on your home or business include:

  • Mice and rats: An increase in construction activity across Southern Ontario has displaced many rats and mice from their natural habitat and prompted them to seek shelter in homes and commercial businesses. They can be hard to get rid of with over-the-counter rodent control products, but a professional pest control service will use poisons with anticoagulants that thin the blood and minimize odour problems after the poison does its work.
  • Cockroaches:  Cockroaches can enter your home in a variety of ways: under the door, inside boxes and appliances, hidden in used clothing and furniture, and more. Once they take up residence, getting rid of them can be impossible without help from a professional exterminator. At Action Pest, we use Max Force, a paste that kills roaches after ingestion, but for extreme cases, insecticides and a fogging machine will be applied.
  • Ants: Some ant species, particularly the carpenter ant, can do serious damage to the structure of your home. They can be extremely difficult to control, as it may be necessary to drill holes in the walls or remove plugs and light switches to access their nests. Action Pest uses an insecticide in gas form, which allows treatment within your walls without having to open them up.
  • Fleas: A common pest that plagues domestic animals like dogs and cats, fleas can also inflict painful and irritating bites on human hosts. Getting rid of them requires treatment of everything within the home, including baseboards, beds, carpets, and furniture. Action Pest offers effective flea removal services that give you -and your pets- peace of mind.

Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife like squirrels and raccoons have become a growing problem in urban areas of Ontario, mainly due to their ability to easily find food and shelter in a city environment. When they get into buildings like homes, commercial buildings, sheds, and garages, they can do a lot of structural damage and even destroy the electrical system by chewing wires.

If you are having problems with wildlife taking up residence in your home or commercial building, the wildlife control experts can trap them humanely and release them in a wildlife area several miles away.

Need Pest and Rodent Control Services?

For years, Action Pest Control Services has been providing extermination and wildlife removal services to homeowners and businesses in and around Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville. We take great pride in our superior customer service and ability to devise the right solution for your pest control problem. Our experienced technicians are available 24-7, so if you need help with an unexpected infestation, contact us at any time.