Most homeowners tend to be more aggressive about cockroach control during the warmer season. However, it is extremely important to be informed about how cockroaches remain active during the winter season. Cockroaches are not simply just attracted to messy households, they need to find warmth and escape the cold. To maintain roach control during the winter season, your strategy should include eliminating the three things cockroaches need to survive: warm shelter, food, and water. Some helpful tips to prevent a cockroach infestation during the colder weather:

  1. Maintain a clean environment
  2. Fix leaky water pipes and clean any standing water
  3. Seal entry points, seal gaps around pipes with flexible caulk and patch any wall cracks and crevices
  4. For total roach control you need a certified pest control agent as insect sprays are only a temporary fix
  5. Plan a long-term cockroach prevention plan with your local certified pest control agent

Fighting against a cockroach infestation is a year-round battle. They will always be ready for a home invasion even in the mild winter months. Trained cockroach inspectors can inspect your home and identify active colonies any time of the year. Take preventative action and keep up with regular pest control by calling Action Pest Control Services Inc.