Whether it’s Tom’s counterpart, Jerry, or perhaps the most iconic Disney caricature, Mickey Mouse, mice have often been characterized in popular culture as cute creatures with adorable traits. As a result, certain stereotypes come to mind instantly when thinking of mice.

Action Pest is here to debunk some of the myths about mice for you.

Firstly, the popular nursery rhyme, Three Blind Mice, has brought with it an assumption that mice have poor eyesight.

This one isn’t completely a myth. Mice don’t have the best vision in the animal kingdom, and they’re even colour blind to some extent. However, they’re able to see their surroundings up to 2 feet around themselves and can sense motion nearly 50 feet away. With their ability for great running speed, this means they can escape danger fairly quickly. Their whiskers also help them to sense their physical surroundings, especially in darkness. Ultimately, considering their small size and a decent sense of surroundings, their lack of impeccable eyesight doesn’t hinder their ability to get around all that much.

Since we see and hear about mice squeezing through very small openings, some people believe that mice have no bones in their bodies.

This is not true. Mice are vertebrae rodents which means they have a backbone made up of both bones and cartilage. What allows them to move so easily in tight spaces is the fact that they have impressively flexible muscles. As a result, mice can still squeeze through incredibly tight spaces, so homeowners really must be diligent to ensure all access points on the outside of their house are covered. This applies especially in the winter time when mice and other rodents are in search of a warm, dry place to stay.

Finally, as the famous restaurant chain Chuck E Cheese’s suggests, do mice really prefer cheese to other foods?

It’s a myth! Humans certainly enjoy an aged cheddar or smoked brie, but the reality for mice is that they have quite a varied diet. Mice would actually sooner go for seeds, nuts, and fruit – definitely, something to keep in mind the next time you consider wasting your best sandwich ingredient to set up a mouse trap.

One thing we know for sure is that mice have a knack for finding ways into your house uninvited. If you hear small scratching and scurrying noises, don’t panic – just call the experts at Action Pest so they can do what they do best and rid your home of unwanted guests!