Now that the winter has come and gone, nature is on the move once again. As much of the Animal Kingdom awakes from its hibernation and temperatures begin to increase, creatures and critters will be rustling about seeking shelter in new spaces as they carry on with their life cycles. There are multiple ways for pests to make their way into your home in the spring. Perhaps most obviously would be through open windows and doors. With beautiful weather comes the desire to crack a window and let in a refreshing breeze. This means pests have a free pass into your home! Screens on doors and windows are a solid option to allow airflow without inviting unwanted guests. It’s also important to avoid leaving out food scraps and standing water in your home, as sweet scents and moisture attract insects.

On top of this, there are many areas of your property which are prime real estate for pests outdoors. Gardens, being mini outdoor ecosystems, are at risk for infestation. In order to keep control, proper maintenance is key. Keep shrubbery at bay, and keep added clutter like wood piles away from your home as these both have crevices which would be ideal for small pests. Compost bins should be kept tight and secure to avoid strong scents from spreading and attracting bugs such as flies and ants. You’ll also want to be aware of the potential for ticks in your garden. When working outdoors, be sure to check your body for signs of tick bites afterwards. Garages can often attract small rodents as well as insects. It only takes a second for a mouse to run into your garage when it’s open, and you can bet they’ll find a way into your home from there. Trash bins are often stored in the garage which means insects will be attracted to the odors. As such, you’ll want to properly seal what you can in this space – from keeping bin lids tight to repairing wall cracks and damage that provide easy access for creatures.

Small critters and pests will be able to access your home through outdoor ventilation openings as well. This is why it’s important to keep up with proper spring cleaning to avoid further pest attraction within your home. Regular vacuuming can ensure pests have no easy access to nourishment around your house. Areas like attics are often neglected, but it’s important to diminish the amount of wood furniture and clutter as it could play host to termites and hornets. It’s especially important to avoid pests in the spring seeing as the warmer temperatures make excellent conditions for reproduction and healthy offspring. You’ll surely want to avoid having pests multiply within your walls!

With the warm weather rejuvenating nature, it’s important to protect your home from the outdoors’ most likely intruders. You can trust the experts at Action Pest to help protect and rid your home of any unwanted visitors this Spring!