Bedbugs love clutter and thrive in an environment like this. Lots of places to Hide!

no Prep done for bedbug treatment

One of the main reasons bedbugs are not eradicated in a timely fashion, is the lack of preparation made before the treatment.  All bed linens MUST be stripped from all beds to be treated, and put immediately into sealed plastic bags for laundering in HOT water and drying on HIGH.  They are then to be put into CLEAN plastic bags as you have thrown out the ones you carried the buggy sheets in.

All cothing around the bed and in the bedroom, Including in dressers and closets must also be removed in the same fashion as the bed linens.  Anything that cannot go into the washing machine must be put into a Hot dryer for at least 30 minutes to kill the bugs and then put into clean plastic bags and sealed until you know all bugs are gone.

Along with the vacuuming of everything, removal of wall plates and moving furniture away from the walls at least a foot; the above MUST be done to ensure a thourough spraying and gassing can be done to eradicate the bugs.  If not, we cannot guarantee the bugs will be gone.

Action Pest Control understands the stress of the situation when bedbugs are the problem; and we assure you we will get rid of those pesky bloodsuckers for you if you work with us and do the prep.

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