In the City Council of Chicago; they are fine tuning an ordinance declaring bedbugs a public nuisance, and making landlords responsible for getting rid of them.  Bedbugs have become so prevalent in the Chicago area that Orkin announced they did more business in 2012 there than any other city in the US.

The city will mandate that landlords hire licensed pest control companies fight the infestation, or face paying fines of up to $1000/day.  A large part of the problem is that tenants are often not properly prepared, but tenants cannot be blamed, or made to leave their homes due to infestations of bedbugs under the law.  There are a number of organizations to protect tenants from harassment of this sort.

In order to lessen the magnitude of the problem is this the next step for governments to take?  Use a reputable professional pest control company like Action Pest Control Services for full eradication of your next infestation.  Call 905-318-1242 today for a free bedbug inspection.