I’m Jim from Action Pest Control and I’m going to explain the history and most effective bed bug treatment. With over half a century in the pest control industry, I’ve seen the evolution of our methods and tools firsthand, and believe me, it’s been a journey. I remember, as clear as day, battling bed bugs back in the late 70s. It was a different time, a different world. 

Back then, we had a secret weapon in our arsenal – a group of powerful insecticides known as Chlorinated Hydrocarbons. DDT, Lindane, Chlordane – they were our shield and sword. These weren’t your friendly neighborhood bug sprays; they were tough, they stunk, but boy, did they get the job done. Bed Bugs were almost a myth, a story of the old days. 

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. These Chlorinated insecticides were potent, but they had a dark side. They took an eternity to break down and carried severe side effects for humans and animals. So, we moved on to safer alternatives, trading in our old allies for new ones from the Organo Phosphates family. 

We started using Diazanon, Chlopyrofos, and others that were not only effective but also safer. They broke down faster, lessening the health risks. When used right, these were lifesavers – literally – for our clients.

But, the world kept changing, and with it, our weapons of choice. In the spirit of environmental consciousness, the registration of these pesticides for use in Ontario was discontinued. We had to adapt, and we moved on to a new class of insecticides – pyrethrum-based ones or their synthetic counterparts, the pyrethroids. 

These new recruits did their job, but they lacked the staying power of their predecessors. There was almost no residual effect, which meant that bed bugs could just hide out in wall cracks and other small spaces until the insecticide had worn off. As a result, our technicians at Action Pest Control have had to increase the frequency of treatments to ensure complete elimination and maintain our service guarantee. A decade ago, a second visit was a rarity. Oh, how the tables have turned!

Bed bugs can be a serious problem for anyone, causing discomfort and even leading to the possibility of illness. But don’t let this deter you from seeking help. At Action Pest Control, we understand the importance of addressing these issues quickly and effectively. That’s why we’re committed to staying up-to-date on the most effective bed bug treatment options available. We don’t settle for anything less than the best for our customers, and we’re always working to provide improved services. If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, give us a call today at 905-318-1242 for a free inspection. We’re here to take swift ACTION and help you feel comfortable in your own home again.