This image shows a white spray bottle along with mint, eucalyptus, and rosemary for natural pest control remedies.

With countless solutions, sprays, and insecticides on the market – consumers are often presented with many options for pests control products. Consumers usually opt for efficient and effective solutions to containing pests for obvious reasons. However, consumers are changing their perceptions towards common pest control and removal products. These products can negatively impact both human and animal health, as well as the environment. This is one of the main reasons why consumers are leaning towards natural pest control methods instead.

Why Do Consumers Prefer Natural Pest Control?

To understand why consumers prefer natural insect control methods over other products, we should understand how pesticides and insecticides work. In general, pest control products are used to weaken and deteriorate pests. But, this can pose dangerous health risks to your family members and pets that are within the range of exposure to harmful substances. This is also one of the reasons why some pest control methods require the homeowners to vacate the premises during the process. Many consumers prefer natural pest control tactics because chemical pest removal methods negatively impact the environment. We underestimate how easily pesticides and insecticides can harm biodiversity if it’s not used correctly or by a professional. The following chemical families often found in insecticides can impact the human central nervous system, reproductive health, and kidneys:

  • Organophosphates
  • Organochlorines
  • Carbamates & Thiocarbamates
  • Pyrethroids

Before you purchase any pest products, look over packaging labels carefully to ensure you are aware of the potential risk to yourself, your pets, and your family. If you’re concerned about the risks, then simply hire a professional. They’re expertly trained and experienced with handling pest removal products.

Getting Started…

Due to these concerns, people have chosen alternative methods to remove pests from homes without having to sacrifice the health of others or the environment. Natural pest control became a strategy to remove pests effectively and safely – without the potential hazards associated with chemicalized pesticides. As such, natural pest control takes a holistic approach to eliminate pests by using natural ingredients only.

Natural pest control involves conducting some prior research first. For example, determine whether or not you’re trying to reduce the risk of an infestation (prevention) or the number of insects (control). Figure out the facts and the myths of using natural methods and which insects are actually the enemy. Finding out which insects are invading your homes will help you choose the best solution for them. After you have conducted your research, you may be able to eradicate insects from your home only using plants.

Keep in mind that even after you have completed your research, natural methods may not always be as effective. However, there are solutions that are better for the environment and more natural in stores. Either way, these solutions are affordable, user-friendly, and seamless in their ability to fend off insect pests.

Natural Pest Control Solutions

For insects that fly; most commonly the mosquito or housefly. These pests are easily thwarted using aromatic herbs. Mint, rosemary, bay leaves, basil, and eucalyptus are all strong scents that can deter flying insects within nearby vicinities. You can simply place herb sachets throughout the house or burn natural aromatics like candles. Another strategy would be to simply plant these herbs and keep them indoors. Now, they serve two purposes; cooking and warding off unwanted insects. These scents work simply because many insects don’t like their pungent smells. Another effective supplement for herbs is aromatic oils, which are known to emulate the strong scents of herbs.

To protect your homes from mites or cockroaches, an effective natural remedy to use is diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle the earth in the areas where insects tend to gather such as corners, and cracks. This solution is relatively harmless to humans – but will dehydrate the insect. You can expect to see more pests after having applied the solution since they will be scurrying to find water before dying off. Although it is a natural solution, ingesting it in small amounts can cause some nasal and throat irritation. It can also irritate your skin and eyes if the earth comes into contact with them. Similarly, catnip is known to have a similar effect but should only be used if you don’t have pet cats. Read more about other natural solutions to defeating other pests here.

Contact Action Pest Control

What’s most important about using natural remedies is the range. The more places you apply the solution – including hard-to-reach areas – the more likely you will fend off the insects. That being said, pest infestations can be overwhelming, in which case you will need to depend on credible pest control services. It’s understandable why someone would switch to a more natural approach when it comes to fending off pests. There are fewer health risks, and natural remedies are more environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately, there are times when natural approaches are just not enough. How dire the situation is will determine whether you should contact a reliable pest control company. If the infestation does become hard to manage, your best bet is to contact Action Pest Control. At Action Pest Control, customers are guaranteed the highest industry standards to safely remove pests as cost-efficiently as possible. With over 40 years of experience, you’re guaranteed effective and thorough pest control and pest removal. If you are facing pest infestation or wish to prevent one, check out Action Pest Control to discuss quality solutions.