…..the German cockroach….one of the most persistent and hard to kill insects…..

“Blattella” germanica or the German roach is the main cockroach of concern for homeowners and landlords in Ontario. They travel deep inside walls and move very quickly and are compulsive breeders.  They carry their eggs in a capsule attached to their body called an oothecae. Each oothecae carry 30 to 40 eggs that are dropped off the body until hatching which usually takes about one month.  These baby roaches mature within 8 weeks and then they can begin breeding. The female can have as many as 8 oothecae in her lifetime. With simple math you can see how quickly you can have a huge problem if an infestation goes undetected.

An example is about ten years ago Action Pest Control treated a home in Mississauga that had so many roaches, after our first treatment the owner filled a green garbage bag with dead roaches, which numbered in the thousands. It was a rooming house with 10 occupants and the house was left untreated for over a year before we got there. Thankfully this is an exception and not the rule but it pays to be pro active if someone has cockroaches.

Also when treating for cockroaches, most tenants will tell you that they want gel or paste as with this they have heard they don’t have to move dishes and food out of cupboards. That part is true about the prep but unfortunately the gels like Max Force, Avert or Blue Diamond are outdated and actually causes more problems than good. We use a patented micro injection system with oil based insecticides that not only kill instantly but also leave a good residual effect. I can say with certainty that German roaches are very difficult to eliminate but with tenant co operation, good prep work and a specialized service program total elimination is definitely achievable…