With the ever-growing trend of setting sail for vacation on a cruise ship, there is one word that no one wants to hear while boarding their ship: bedbugs. Unfortunately, due to the combination of cruise ship vacations becoming more popular and bed bugs becoming immune to insecticides, the rise in these unwelcomed passengers is increasing. Because cruise ships host thousands of passengers from various global locations, the entrance for this issue is large as bed bugs can infest their way onto the ship by burying in clothing, luggage and other common sources. 

This issue is not restricted to working hours and therefore our team at Action Pest is available 24/7 to accommodate your needs. We are approved by the Ministry of Environment Ontario and offer both chemical and non-chemical treatments to ensure your safety is upheld. Action Pest proudly offers two highly effective treatment options, as detailed below.

  1. Integrated Pest Management Programs
    This combination treatment approach is approved by the Ministry of Environment and boasts waterless and odorless solutions. These programs involve thorough consideration of the pests’ lifecycle and environmental impacts.

  2. Micro-Injector Technology
    Being one of the most effective treatments in Ontario today, this technology injects a fine mist into the treated areas (e.g., mattresses, luggage, furniture, etc.), thus allowing the residual impact to be minor. Action Pest strives to be at the forefront of modern advances and, as such, we are proud to state that this technology is one of the newest on the market. 

In conclusion, no one should have to worry about the fear of bedbugs when booking an escape to paradise. Contact us today to ensure your guests—and your reputation—are worry free.