No matter how adorable Disney’s animated film ‘Ratatouille’ was, the negative reputation rats have universally is well justified; and no, it would not be wise to prepare meals with a rat in your kitchen – no matter how cute and talented!

Rats, in many cases, are considered to be vermin meaning they carry disease. If a rat does happen to be carrying a disease, direct contact with the rodent could lead to picking up their sickness. However, even if you avoid touching the rat itself, their presence could still seriously threaten your health. Rat droppings and rat urine in your space can spread and transfer particles into the air you breathe, thus infecting you with one of many diseases they carry – some of which can be fatal if left untreated. Common symptoms from the majority of these diseases include fevers, headaches, vomiting, and pain in the muscles, joints, and chest.

Hamilton is growing quickly, with more home and business developments in progress to accommodate the influx of people to the city and surrounding areas. With this increase, the number of rat infestations and incidents is also growing. It’s important to know how to avoid these pests and get rid of them should they invade your property. From home to restaurant owners, it’s important to take preventative measures from the start in order to keep your space as clean and rodent-free as possible. The cities in Canada with the most prominent rat problems are naturally those with the biggest populations, and therefore, the most activity. So as Hamilton continues to grow and thrive, knowledge about pest prevention will be a key element to ensuring a safe and healthy community.

Preventing rodent infestation begins with keeping a tidy and clean living space. Firstly, make sure you’re removing garbage regularly and using rodent-proof bins, as well as not leaving food out to tempt these pests. After all, rats are content eating many of the simple foods we people eat daily like grains, nuts, fruits, and meat. Points of entry to the indoors should also be eliminated. Cracks in your property’s foundation should be fixed, and access points that must stay open such as vents and soffits can be covered with metal screening and steel wool.

Should these pests still make their way into your home sweet home however, it’s important to correctly identify the issue. Most people would have no problem identifying a rat due to their presence in popular media. If anything, people may confuse rats with mice. Rats are substantially larger than the average house mouse with thicker tails, however both species can carry disease and should be dealt with promptly if found inside the home. Keep in mind however that you won’t necessarily see these rodents with your own eyes. Be on the lookout when cleaning for the clues they leave behind. This means small droppings in crevices and cabinet floors, rat urine, and even the audible scratching and scurrying through vents and storage. Be aware of odd noises and be ready to set traps when the time comes.

Due to the tricky nature of these rodents and their potential for spreading illness, you can feel reassured knowing that our pest removal experts at Action Pest are ready to help rid your home of unwanted furry guests. Give us a call at Action Pest if you need to rid your space of rats!