Humane Raccoon Removal

There’s more to the spring and summer than just warming weather – It’s raccoon breading time and they’re living on your property!

As you’ve probably found, attics are the go-to nesting ground for adult raccoons to reproduce. With the warming weather, it creates the perfect nesting ground for the young. Humane Raccoon Removal is the solution to your problem.
There are several warning signs of a raccoon intrusion, some of which are:

  • Scratching Noises Behind Walls
  • Growls, Chirps & Cries Originating from Behind Walls
  • Thumping or Walking Sounds Shortly After Dusk
  • Droppings or Urine Around the Property
  • Visible Roof/Siding/Wall Damage
  • Garbage Debris/Garbage Cans Disturbed

More importantly, there are several health risks of raccoons living in the attic:

  • Rabies Are Known to be Most Common
  • Distemper Mimics Rabies & can Infect Your Dogs & Cats
  • Roundworm Parasites & Egg Spores (Found in Droppings) are Very Dangerous to Humans – Especially When Airborne!
  • Lice & Fleas Are Common & Carriers for Disease

Never approach a raccoon that appears to be sick, confused, or moving awkwardly – Call a Professional Immediately 

Raccoons can cause thousands of dollars in damage, and if left untreated, these damages can lead to fire, water damage and even mold. It is extremely important to contact a wildlife professional to assess the situation as soon as possible.

What separates Action Pest Control Services in wildlife removal than the rest?

  • Our goal is to provide the best long term solution to any problem
  • Our approach is humane in nature – we remove the animals at least 5 miles away from the residency to a wildlife area
  • We always do our best to trap and release the animal families together
  • Best and most comprehensive guarantee in the industry, provided in writing
  • Immediate service 7 days a week

Our trusted and knowledgeable technicians will guide you through the entire process from start to finish so you are aware of all the work that gets done. With our long and extensive history in successful animal removals, don’t delay any further and contact Action Pest Control today!