With the seasons changing and the weather getting cooler outside, uninvited guests may start to make their way into your home. Don’t grab the bug spray just yet though, because we’re going to give you some tips and tricks that will minimize (or eliminate!) those pests from entering your home.

Tip #1 – Watch Out For The Cracks!

This could be cracks in your doors, foundation, garage, or vents. Even if these cracks seem tiny, it may be just enough space to let in those pesky little insects, or even mice! While you’re checking for those cracks, this may also be a good opportunity to weather strip your doors to ensure nothing comes in through them. By creating a tight seal, you’re not just keeping pests out, you’re also keeping the heat in – bonus points for being economical!

Tip #2 – Clean Up!

This tip applies to not only the inside of your house, but the outside as well! Before the weather gets frigid, do some fall cleaning and get into those crevices that haven’t seen a dust cloth since you did your spring cleaning. Keep your floors clean and free of crumbs from food and make sure to keep any food in hard plastic containers to keep pests from tracking the scents from outside. Outside of your home, make sure to move any firewood on your property as far away from your entrance as possible to minimize the chance of termites getting inside. Try to keep your walkways clear of leaves and debris so that pests can’t hide underneath and make sure that eavestroughs are thoroughly cleaned out prior to the winter months.

Tip #3 – Think Inside The Boxes

Be sure to check your basement and attic for any cardboard boxes that you may currently use for storage. It is recommended that if you plan on storing items long term, you should consider moving your items into hard plastic bins with tightly sealed lids. This will prevent pests from being able to chew through the cardboard and nest alongside your possessions.

In addition, if you have a food storage area in your basement, be sure to check the door seal (if applicable) as well as any pipelines that may lead into, or go through the room and check for any leaks or openings that could become gateways for pests to enter.

Don’t worry, if all else fails, Action Pest Control is always here to answer your questions, and we’re available all year round to provide you with the best in pest removal services!