I saw this cartoon recently and thought it was hilarious!

I mean, lets face it…how many of us really want to find a roach roaming around on the counter?  I’m sure not to many hands are in the air right now.  That got me thinking about the ‘positive’ aspects of roaches.  I’m sure that there has to been some….as few and far between as they may be!

So I did some digging and this is what I found:

The Madagascar hissing cockroach seems the be the front runner of the roaches.  They are most often used in insect demonstrations at zoos, school, displays because they are harmless.  They are also large enough to study which makes them a great guinea pig. haha.

This ‘fact’ really surprised me but apparently, people who handle Madagascar hissing roaches are less susceptible to mold allergies  because there are certain mites on the cockroach that get rid of mold.

And last but not least, there are even certain plants in the tropics that are only pollinated by roaches!

Now, I’m not telling you to go to your nearest pet store and grab a handful of these babies to keep em as pets, but I guess they aren’t all bad guys!

Maybe one day the roach will truly be a “companion beetle”…..who knows.

But until then if you have to local Toronto roaches….we’ll take care of them!