Carpenter ants are considered the most destructive insect we have here in Canada.  They chew tons of wood, and turn it into a fine sawdust.  In the forest, that would rot and turn into mulch; good right? In our homes on the other hand; not so good.


Carpenter ants typically are either all black, or black with red thorax or red legs.  They can be from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inches, and all sizes can be found in one nest.  They usually nest in rotting wood, but will extend their tunneling into solid wood, and can do extensive structural damage.  The parent nest is most commonly found in trees (both live and dead), stumps, and fallen logs on the forest floor. Houses in the most danger are found in heavily wooded areas or where trees immediately surround the home.

This parent colony contains the queen. When it grows too large, expansion to nearby structures occurs, and in warmer months; worker ants can be seen moving between nests; mostly in the evening and during the night.  Trees, tree stumps, stacked wood and natural decorative wood, within 100 meters of the house could all house the parent colony.  An experienced pest control expert; like the ones we have at Action Pest Control Services, can find the parent nest and destroy it.  Small tin traps dont work with carpenter ants. The queen is rarely found within the home, so killing the visible ants in the home will only mask the problem.  A professional grade pest control product is necessary to kill the parent colony because of the long residual life it has.

carpenter ant damage


The damage done to a home by carpenter ants can range from minimal to devastating, with no real visible signs unless the beams are exposed during a renovation or repair.   Call Action Pest Control today for an inspection @ 905-318-1242; we guarantee our work in writing.