Original post: Mar 9, 2015 / Updated April 17, 2023

Best Bed bug treatmentBrace yourselves, Hamilton! The dreaded bed bug is on the loose and wreaking havoc in Burlington, Oakville – and anywhere else humans lay their weary heads. About the size of an apple seed but nastier than you can imagine; these brownish, bitey terrors are everywhere – so beware those seams in your mattress where they like to hide out ready for a midnight snack…of human blood! Time to arm up against this invasion before it’s too late(r)!

In 2015, the City of Hamilton took an unprecedented step to address bedbug infestations by investing $450,000 in a new anti-bedbug strategy. Last year alone saw 13,424 phone calls regarding these pesky pests and 5,000 work orders for inspections and treatments across City Housing Hamilton properties – no minor feat! Unfortunately social service agencies are struggling with providing proper care due to recurring outbreaks – quite alarming given this issue’s impact on seniors specifically.

Years back, the landlord of Hamilton’s 150 Sanford Avenue apartment building neglected to take action on its bed bug infestation, leading city officials to step in and demand a solution. Unsanitary living conditions have only worsened as cockroaches have become an additional issue. As a result, the vermin-filled environment has caused half of the residents within this once lively abode to flee their homes for good.

Bedbugs are a particularly insidious pest that can quickly become an infestation. Despite their tiny size, they can cause significant discomfort, and their bites can lead to red welts on the skin. Unfortunately, bedbugs are quite resilient, making it challenging to eradicate them completely once they have taken hold. This is particularly true in apartment buildings, where an infestation can quickly spread to neighboring units, even if one unit is diligently cleaned and treated. The recent news article about bedbugs in an apartment building on James Street highlights the seriousness of this issue. For those living in affected units, the concern of continued infestation can be frustrating and daunting. It is essential for landlords and property managers to take decisive action to address bedbug infestations and prevent them from spreading to others in the building.

Bed bug removal is possible with effective treatment methods. At Action Pest Control, we strive to eliminate bed bug infestations using Ministry Of Environment approved, water-based, odorless insecticides that are registered for this procedure. As a proud business operating in Hamilton and the surrounding area, we are here to help in any way we can. Please contact us for more information.