When it comes to pests like bed bugs in your home, you want to ensure both safe and effective measures are used to get rid of them. Perhaps the two most common options are thermal heat treatments and chemical sprays.


Before discussing treatments, we want to ensure you know the tell-tale signs of bed bugs in your home.

You may see small clusters of dried brown or black excrement on surfaces such as mattresses, sheets, or headboards.

You may smell a subtly sweet and musty odour in an infested space.

And of course, you may feel biting or an itch when you sleep on a bed affected by these pests.

But have no fear, there are treatments to get you back to comfortable sweet dreams!

Treatment Processes

When a thermal heat treatment is used to get rid of bed bugs, the idea is that the temperature in your space will be raised to first attract the pests to the heat source, drawing them out of crevices and hiding, followed by terminating them as the heat source continues to grow to temperatures they cannot withstand.

Chemical sprays, on the other hand, use multiple spray treatments to ensure that bed bugs are targeted at all potential stages of development. At Action Pest, we use a micro-injection tool, so that our pest experts can distribute an insecticide into any and all affected (and hard to reach) areas of your space to terminate bed bugs effectively.

Associated Cost

Spray treatments tend to be less expensive than heat treatments. Ample preparation time is given to owners of a space to ensure possessions will not be affected by the sprays themselves.

Why We Spray

At Action Pest, we use three spray treatments with our microinjection system and oil-based insecticide for many reasons. First, we want to ensure bed bugs are targeted at all stages of their life cycle, leaving no bugs behind. As opposed to heat treatments, chemical sprays don’t leave any time or room for escape. We see this issue particularly in larger shared spaces such as apartment buildings when heat is used as a method of termination. While bed bugs are initially attracted to the heat, in a larger connected building, they are still able to spread to other areas of the establishment, thus avoiding termination. And if bed bugs are still in the building, your apartment certainly isn’t safe from them in the future. Second, with the small tip on our micro injection system’s wand, we can be extremely controlled in our application process to target the many crevices and small areas where bed bugs will nest, roam, and enter. Lastly, spray treatments are a more cost-effective option, so you can rid your home of bugs without breaking the bank. Ultimately, spray treatments provide control as well as effective results.

If you notice any indication of bed bugs in your home, don’t hesitate – contact our Action Pest experts so you can get back to sleeping comfortably as soon as possible!