No matter how durable a home is built, wildlife will most likely find a way of getting into it. This is quite common and while we may not be able to avoid wildlife from entering our homes forever, there are definitely things one can do to decrease the chances of it happening.

Squirrels, raccoons, mice, rats and even skunks are all wildlife animals that despite not being welcome in our homes, will find ways of getting in. Once they do make an entrance, whether through your attic or fireplace, the chances are they will create big messes that will not only be frustrating to clean but expensive as well. To avoid a big headache, consider the following:

Always check the outside of your home to make sure there are no openings that facilitate wildlife entry into your home through air vents, chimneys, and any other openings that the animals can get through. Don’t let the size of raccoons fool you; they can easily make their way through holes that don’t quite seem possible. Even if you think a certain hole is too small for an animal to get through, chances are you are wrong and wildlife animals will find a way. If you do see any holes, take the proper action right away to close them.

Never leave garbage outside your home. By doing so, you are sending an invitation for wildlife to come in, especially if the garbage consists of food. All garbage bins should be kept indoors, in a garage for example where the animals have no access. Leaving your yard messy invites animals to come and linger in hopes of finding scraps of food. Keep in mind that wildlife are attracted to garbage and the presence of a mess means a place for raccoons, mice and rats to come and hang out. The longer they stay, the higher the chances of damage to the outside and inside of your home. Always keep your yard clean!

Caulking different areas in and around your home will also help prevent wildlife entry. Take the time to go around your home and check for small spaces that would allow mice, rats and bats to get through. Roof vents happen to be one of the main points of entry for wildlife because they are very easy to destroy. Luckily, there are special covers available that will prevent raccoons and squirrels from removing them or biting through them eliminating the damage that leads to entry.

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