It’s October in Ontario Canada which means Halloween is just around the corner. With that in mind, Hamilton residents can expect some ghoulish and creepy Halloween costumes arriving at their doorstep. As fun as it may be to witness the fun at hand it is important to be aware of the other creepy crawlers that will likely appear.

As the season changes from summer to fall and the temperature in Ontario begins to drop, the local environment becomes cool and damp. An increasing amount of people migrate their outdoor activities indoor to escape the cold. Similarly, during this time, insects and bugs migrate to warmer climates, burrow in the leaf litter or hide under loose bark for protection from the weather. However, as the sun continues to sink lower in the sky and winter approaches, these insects begin looking for a more permanent shelter from the cold, such as your home or work space. When a suitable place is found, some insects use aggregation pheromones to spread the word about a preferred site to inhabit.

Any crack or crevice large enough for an insect to crawl through is an open invitation to come indoors. For example:

  • Insects commonly gather underneath the siding on houses with vinyl siding as it offers protection from the elements and is warmed by the house’s heating.
  • Poorly caulked window frames allow easy entry into your home. Usually, home-invading insects stay inside your home’s walls during the winter. But on the occasional sunny winter day, they may make their presence known by gathering on your walls or windows.

If you have any questions, concerns or suspect that your home or work space has been infested, please contact Action Pest Control Services immediately. Many of the insects that come indoors emit foul defensive odors when injured or threatened, and some even ooze liquids that can stain your walls and furnishings. Insects can also carry bacteria that endanger your families overall health. Our skilled team will identify the issue and provide an effective solution to safely eradicate the unwanted insects in order to provide a long term solution.