Pests and insects can cause significant issues and not just in the form of poisoning food, ruining furniture and making messes, but they are also carriers of several diseases. This is the reason why most people get paranoid when they see pests and insects in their house.

The first thing you should do is learn how to find a good and experienced pest control company to get rid of your unwanted guests. There are a few necessary checks that need to occur before the pest control process can take place to make sure that it works effectively.

Before Pest Control

Manage Access

Remove large pieces of furniture so that pest control professionals can access every nook and cranny of your home. This will prevent your furniture from staining as well.

Pack Fabrics

Make sure to pack away your clothes in sealed airtight bags or bins. In addition to clothes, make sure also to pack away your bed covers, curtains and any other cloth to protect it from harmful extermination chemicals. Furthermore, you can add a plastic sheet on your mattress to protect it from chemical sprays. For termites, you may have to get rid of the contents inside wooden cabinets or drawers entirely.

Clean Up

Having your home or office pest controlled means you have to clean up and tuck everything away. Try to wash and store utensils in closed cabinets, cover water taps with plastic and make sure to put away all remaining food in plastic containers and refrigerate it. Since your fridge might need to be unplugged, you may want to consider getting rid of perishables and throw out leftovers.

Protect Pets

If you have a pet, make sure not only to store their beds, toys and food bowls securely but also keep them safe with a protective mask. Make sure to either find a boarding shelter or someplace else where your pet can stay for a few hours until the house is treated and cleaned.

Home Decor

The chances are your favourite painting or mural can be damaged during a pest control treatment. You should consider tucking it away along with your other expensive decor items to avoid a mishap. Alternatively, you could cover them with a plastic sheet. That also means emptying your bathrooms and keeping your cleaning equipment covered during pest control.

After Pest Control

Don’t Leave Food Out

If any food was left out, it is best to throw it away. Even if it was covered, there is a chance that some chemicals may have seeped through the covering.

Delay Cleaning

You should only clean as per the pest company’s instructions. That is because most pest control companies clean the premises beforehand. Also, ingredients from household cleaning liquids can interfere with the efficiency of chemical treatments, which can be problematic.

Preventative Measures

Once you enter your house again, check for potential entry points for pests to get in through. A broken water valve, pipe, an open drain or even a small gap between the door and its frame can potentially be a pest gateway into your home. Ensure that your house is clean and free from food waste, paper and uncovered open food regularly. Once you decide to reset your house, make sure to wipe down surfaces with a cloth or cleaning solution recommended by your pest control professional. Once you have followed the pre and post pest control instructions, you can enjoy your home once again.

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