When you’re desperately in need of affordable pest control, there’s more to it than running a Google search and taking your chances. How do you know that the company is reputable? How do you know that they can deliver quality yet cost-effective results?

It’s important to find a medium between pest control that’s affordable and too good to be true. Professionals whose services are surprisingly low may be cutting corners in other areas, such as products used, staff training, and services types offered. They may have an attractive website that makes all the right promises, but when they treat your home, it isn’t long before your pest problem returns.

At Action Pest, we understand that when you find evidence of a rodent, bedbug, or cockroach infestation in your home, your situation is critical. That’s why we guarantee our work by pledging the following:

  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • A guarantee that is the best and longest in the pest control industry.
  • Affordable pricing. If you contact a business that claims to offer better pricing and a superior guarantee, we match it.
  • Immediate service 24-7 in Hamilton, Burlingtom, and Oakville.
  • Unmarked vehicles that prevent your pest control needs from becoming common knowledge.

When you discover pests in your home or business, we will carry out a thorough assessment to identify the source and nature of the infestation. If the problem involves wildlife such as squirrels or raccoons, our wildlife removal services are a humane and efficient solution. We complete thousands of structural treatments per year and our clients include some of Canada’s biggest corporations.At Action Pest, we guarantee all of our customers affordable pest control services that are also efficient, effective, and designed to solve your problem. Years of training, implementing strategies that work, and dedication to customer service have all made us a trusted partner for clients across the region. For more information or to receive a no-obligation estimate, please contact us today.