With all the pest and rodent control services out there today, it may be a daunting task for potential customers to choose a company that best suits their needs. At Action Pest Control Services Inc​, (APCS) ​we don’t worry about the competition ­ our only focus is providing immediate service 7 days a week for treating and eliminating all your insect and rodent problems.

Why choose us?

● APCS​ offers the best and most comprehensive guarantee in the industry, provided to you in writing

● Our treatment is the safest and most effective approach to handling insect and rodent problems which include: mice, carpenter ants, bed bugs, raccoons, squirrels, insects, cockroaches, or any other pest or rodent that may require removal

● Our success comes from our philosophy of valuing our customers over everything else by building trust and providing outstanding service

● Our technicians are all trained in the integrated pest management program designed at Purdue University

● We use unmarked vehicles for our customer’s discretion

Look no further!

Action Pest Control Services Inc​. can offer you the best solution to your pest and rodent problem at an affordable cost. Please feel free to view our testimonial page ​and see what our customers have to say! For more information as to how we can treat your insect and rodent issues, please contact us today​!