At Action Pest Control; we give you our promise to Inspect your home thoroughly,  identify the problem and the extent to which it has manifested, and to eliminate the problem with a written guarantee.

We ask detailed questions when you call in order to assess the extent of your problem, the size of the area to be treated, and the best way to suit your needs.  We Explain in detail what we need you to do to prepare for the treatment.

wasp nest in windowelder beetle picture

We send out trained, experienced and empathetic, technicians as soon as you can be prepared, to treat the problem.  We use unmarked vehicles and low impact uniforms to ensure discretion.

Our Action Pest Control technicians will treat the problem thoroughly, and you will be asked to leave the premises with your pets  for a few hours for your own safety.  Depending on the issue, we will guarantee the final treatment for a mutually  agreed upon period.

We can provide mattress covers for you to purchase, moats for the bed frame, and maintainance information for you after the treatment.

At Action Pest Control Services it is our mission to satisfy all our customers… Guaranteed.  Call us now at 905-318-1242