Fly Removal


Flies are a Real Annoyance!

Flies are insects of the order Diptera. This  is a large order containing an estimated 1,000,000 species including black flies, horse flies, crane flies, hoverflies and others.. Insects of this order use only a single pair of wings to fly. 


Flies can be a real nuisance in some geographical areas where they can occur in large numbers, buzzing around people and animals, biting the skin or eyes as they seek fluid. The most common species are black flies, houseflies, fruit flies and horse flies. Flies, such as houseflies, are not only nuisance pests, but they are also known for contaminating food and transmitting diseases.


In Canada, black flies are concentrated in wooded areas and near large rivers and lakes. Because female blackflies need to feed on blood to lay eggs, their biting can be a nuisance to humans and pets which is why so many homeowners struggle to get rid of black flies.  If you have an annoying fly infestation, contact a professional flies pest control service to assess your fly situation and take appropriate action to stop the infestation. 


About Flies

Flies have a mobile head, with a pair of large compound eyes. They also have mouthparts designed for piercing and sucking. Such flies include mosquitoes and black flies. The hind-wings of flies have evolved into advanced mechanosensory organs known as halteres. These act as high speed sensors, or as a guidance and balance system by providing fast response to the wing steering muscles. Their wing design allows for greater flight manoeuvrability. The claws and pads of these pests’ feet allow them to adhere to smooth surfaces

Life Cycle of Flies

Flies go through complete metamorphosis. The eggs are often laid on the larval food source, and the larvae develop in a secure environment. Other fly species can deposit hatched or hatching maggots on fecal matter, decaying material, animal carcass, or open wounds of mammals. The adult emerges from the pupa which is midway between the larval and adult form. Flies mostly have short lives as adults.

Fly Infestations

Flies can get inside a home through tiny cracks and crevices because of their small size. They will enter a home through openings that include cracks and crevices, damaged mesh screens, worn or damaged weather stripping, and open doors. Female house flies can lay between 75 to 150 eggs at a time. As well, larger rivers can host over 600,000 blackfly larvae per square metre, and can produce close to a billion adults per kilometre per day. Larvae are eaten by fish and aquatic invertebrates so they don’t all develop into adults. Unlike mosquitoes, adult black flies are mostly active during the day.

Prevent a Fly Infestation

Once a fly infestation has been handled by a professional flies pest control service, people will take measures to prevent future fly infestations. This can include:

  • Seal any exterior weak spots
  • Employ good cleaning and sanitation practices
  • Seal any exterior gaps around the home
  • Secure weather stripping and mesh screens
  • Keep all counter surfaces clean
  • Get rid of decaying food matter
  • Eliminate pet waste
  • Keep compost container away from the house or building
  • Regularly dispose of trash
  • Use sealed garbage cans

Professional Fly Removal Services Provide Peace Of Mind

Just like most insect pests, flies can be a nuisance. A fly infestation is best left to a professional flies pest control service.  If you are experiencing a huge abundance of flies in or around your home, there is likely an infestation. When a fly infestation is discovered, it is important to contact a flies pest removal service before the situation gets out of control.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email anytime. We are available seven days per week to provide pests such as flies, and wildlife control services in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding areas, or to answer any of your questions.