Mice can cause a lot of stress and create a lot of issues for your family. These unwelcome guests pose many risks to human health. Mice can contaminate food and can bring fleas, mites and ticks to your homes. They can carry various diseases such as the plague, Hantavirus, Salmonellosis and others. Mouse urine can result in severe allergic reactions too. That’s why mice are particularly dangerous for people, who suffer from allergies. Mice can damage furniture as well as appliances and wires by chewing on them. The list of reasons why you don’t want them in your homes goes on. It’s incredibly important to get rid of mice as soon as possible. Once you have noticed the signs of mice in your house, look for mice removal and control professionals for help immediately.

What to Look For During A Mouse Inspection

Do you hear scratching noises from time to time or have noticed other signs of mice? Mice can stay hidden for quite some time, meaning homeowners aren’t necessarily aware of this issue until much later. The best chance for thorough mice removal is to find them as soon as possible. Look out for these clues if you suspect that mice have invaded your home: 

Mice Droppings: You should check your house for mouse droppings. They’re really tiny and can be easily mistaken for dust or dirt. Mouse droppings are often found near food packages and under sinks. Mice like to nest near their food source. Cupboards and drawers should be checked for droppings as well. 

Bite Marks on Food Packaging: Food sources attract mice, they’re known to prefer grains and seeds. That’s why you should always check foods for bite marks during a mouse inspection. 

Holes & Entryways: Holes and cracks are entry points for mice. Check the floors, corners and walls of your house for holes or cracks. Check for signs of mice behind kitchen appliances, in the loft, in crawl spaces, and so on. Seal these entry points to prevent any further pest infestations.  Even if you don’t see any activity during the day, you should check during the night as mice are nocturnal.

Mice Control & Removal Methods

An effective pest control process consists of several stages. Initially, mice have to be identified in your house. After pest removal has been deemed necessary, then the actual process begins. After you get rid of the mouse in your house, you should then take preventive measures to stop them from returning. Here are some of the best ways to keep mice out of the house:  

  1. Traps: Trapping is one of the most popular mice removal methods. What is great about traps is that this option is safe for the users. Traps are not hazardous like poisons or pesticides. However, this option doesn’t work well to capture multiple mice at once.
  2. Rodenticides: Rodenticides are an effective and fast-acting pest control solution for mice. This method works effectively and provides long-term results. On the other hand, rodenticides are a form of poison. So, this method is best used by professionals such as Action Pest Control.
  3. Repellents: Repellents are a great way to keep mice out of the house. These products create a defence line that protects your home from mice coming in. Repellents are safe but should still be used with caution. This method is suitable for families with children and pets.

The Process of Mice Removal

The main goal of mice control professionals is to provide effective solutions to the client’s unique needs. The process consists of three stages: inspection, removal and prevention.  

Inspection: Rodent control professionals will come to your property and do a site assessment. This type of work helps specialists identify the problem. During the inspection, the professionals point out problem areas in your home

Removal: After analyzing the situation carefully, the specialists will develop an effective mice control program for your situation. They will pick treatment methods that are safe and efficient.

Prevention: After the removal process, your property should be 100% mice-free. The specialists will also give you recommendations and optional prevention tactics to stop the mice from coming back.      

Choose Action Pest for Mice Control

Mice removal is no easy job. It requires knowledge, experience, skills and the right type of equipment. That’s why it’s best to leave it to mice control professionals such as Action Pest Control.

The benefits of hiring Action Pest Control for mice removal includes:

  • Over 40 years of experience in mice extermination
  • Effective mice removal service
  • Safe rodent control methods
  • Up-to-date mice removal equipment
  • Certified pest control professionals
  • Cost-effective mice control services

Action Pest Control will make your property mice-free and take all the necessary measures to prevent a mouse problem from reoccurring. Action Pest is always ready to help its clients get rid of pests. Highly-trained pest control professionals will come to you and analyze your problem carefully. After that, they will recommend mice control options that’ll work best for you. You’ll get rid of mice and forget about your problem once and for all. If you’re looking for an effective solution for mice, Action Pest Control has all the answers! Visit Action Pest Control today for highly skilled and fully-equipped rodent control professionals.