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The Deadly Kissing Bug

It’s not the good night kiss that most expect when they are tucked into bed. No, when the Triatomine bug visits in the night, it’s not wishing its kissing partner sweet dreams. The Triatomine bug, or the “Kissing Bug”, gets its name for how it bites, as it sucks blood usually from around the lips and face of sleeping people or animals. The bite itself is actually not dangerous, rather, it’s what the kissing bug leaves behind after its late night visit that can be deadly – its fece...

Hantavirus Virus In Rodents

Rodents aren’t the most loved species on the planet and for good reason. 8 out of 13 rodents collected from Younglove Preserve in San Timoteo Canyon, California, have been tested positive for a virus called Hantavirus. What Is Hantavirus? First and foremost, it is important to know the important questions such as; what is the Hantavirus and how can it be contracted? The Hantavirus is a virus of a genus carried by rodents causing febrile hemorrhagic, in other words it is diverse group of viru...

A Day in the Life of A Carpenter Ant

What Are Carpenter Ants? Generally, Carpenter ants are an insect that could make life a lot harder for you, especially during the spring, but what makes these guys tick? A good way to find out more about these interesting creatures is to do some research on current studies, and information found on Carpenter ants - it all looks too interesting. Getting into the head of your enemy is a great way to defeat them and is most likely where Action Pest Control, gets involved with keeping your home fre...

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