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Ticks in the Hamilton Area

When the warm weather comes it brings with it the bugs and flies, and ticks are no exception. Summer is here and tick season is in full swing. Typically expected to be found when out hiking or in long grassy fields, the increase in ticks in the Hamilton region have brought these critters out of the woods and onto many front lawns. This increase in the presence of ticks means even city dwellers should be cautious for ticks and aware of how to handle them should one find themselves bitten. ...

Hamilton's Bedbug Outbreak

Bedbugs in Hamilton The bedbug problem in Hamilton has been getting worse the past few months, especially when it comes to rental apartment units being infested with bedbugs. A recent Hamilton Spectator article on the bedbug epidemic sheds some light on how many complaints were made in 2015 to both, The Public Health Services and CityHousing, which hover around 3,778 complaints (456 to The Public Health Service, and 3,322 to CityHousing respectively). How to Prevent Bedbugs There's no doubt...

The Deadly Kissing Bug

It’s not the good night kiss that most expect when they are tucked into bed. No, when the Triatomine bug visits in the night, it’s not wishing its kissing partner sweet dreams. The Triatomine bug, or the “Kissing Bug”, gets its name for how it bites, as it sucks blood usually from around the lips and face of sleeping people or animals. The bite itself is actually not dangerous, rather, it’s what the kissing bug leaves behind after its late night visit that can be deadly – its fece...

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