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The Myths About Mice

Whether it’s Tom’s counterpart, Jerry, or perhaps the most iconic Disney caricature, Mickey Mouse, mice have often been characterized in popular culture as cute creatures with adorable traits. As a result, certain stereotypes come to mind instantly when thinking of mice. Action Pest is here to debunk some of the myths about mice for you. Firstly, the popular nursery rhyme, Three Blind Mice, has brought with it an assumption that mice have poor eyesight. This one isn’t completely a...

Fall & Winter Wildlife Pests

The fall and winter weather may attract more house guests than you invited to your Thanksgiving dinner or holiday mixer. As outdoor temperatures begin to drop, pests including raccoons and squirrels will search for warm, dry places for comfort and protection. Due to both the climbing abilities of these pests and openings in your home like chimneys and vents, your home’s attic could very well become the cozy safe haven these animals seek. While pests are using your home as a base camp, t...

Health Risks of Rodents

With fall weather arriving you might find the change of season brings with it more than just cooler temperatures. The mice and rats that may have gone unnoticed over the summer months are now coming inside to escape the cooler weather and might be looking to make a cozy home out of your house. Once these rodents make their way into your home, it can quickly go from unnoticed to a serious problem. By design, these creatures are able to access buildings and hideaways through surprisingly small ...

Diatomaceous Earth and Bed Bug Treatment

You may have heard of Diatomaceous earth as a homeowner’s remedy for bed bugs. Though, while some claim Diatomaceous earth gives people an eco-friendly, do-it-yourself option for treating these persistent pests with reduced risk, how effective is it really? What is Diatomaceous Earth? Diatomaceous earth is a mineral that is mined from the beds of long dried bodies of water. This off-white, powdery substance is composed of fossilized diatoms, microscopic single-celled algae with hardened ...

Pest Control Services

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