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The Sting of Summer: Yellow Jackets and Wasps in Hamilton

If you're noticing quite a few more wasps around lately, you're right. Not only are we at the peak of BBQ and swimming season, we're right in the middle of wasp season as well. One type of wasp poses a serious health concern around Hamilton area's parks, beaches, and backyards: the Yellow Jacket. How to Spot Them: Most Yellow Jackets are black and yellow, and about the size of a dime. Some types, called Bald-faced Hornets, are black with white stripes on their heads and back ends and ...

Hamilton at the Centre of the Rabies Outbreak

Since the first case of raccoon rabies was discovered last December, Hamilton has been at the centre of the outbreak. Before the recent outbreak, Ontario hadn’t seen a case of rabies since 1999. It is believed that an infected animal made its way across the border on a truck or train from the United States’ eastern seaboard where the virus is common. The re-emergence of the virus was first discovered in early December when two dogs got into a fight with an infected raccoon after being ...

Ticks in the Hamilton Area

When the warm weather comes it brings with it the bugs and flies, and ticks are no exception. Summer is here and tick season is in full swing. Typically expected to be found when out hiking or in long grassy fields, the increase in ticks in the Hamilton region have brought these critters out of the woods and onto many front lawns. This increase in the presence of ticks means even city dwellers should be cautious for ticks and aware of how to handle them should one find themselves bitten. ...

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