Bedbug Options are Limited

When I first began my career in Pest control in the late 1970’s; we were having similar problems with bedbugs as we are now again in 2013. Our advantage then was our ability to use DDT, Chlordane, and lindane. Boy oh boy; did they work!  They killed quickly, effectively, and had a long residual effect that survived on […]

Concerned About Bedbugs When Travelling?

You may be at risk from bedbugs while travelling . Bedbugs have been found in 5 star hotels, resorts, cruise ships, buses and trains.  You’re at a much higher risk in places with a high turnover. To be safe from infestation; inspect your room when you arrive, and if possible don’t bring your luggage into the room until […]

Bedbugs in Medical Facilities and Restaurants

There is a disturbing trend in Hamilton… Unsuspecting people are bringing  in bedbugs on their clothing , handbags or knapsacks. They are coming off of them in medical facilities, dental clinics, as well as in offices dealing with social services. Unfortunately; nobody is completely immune to  this rapidly spreading menace.  We have serviced homes for doctors, teachers, nurses, social workers, […]

Bedbugs 2, Government 0 -pesticide regulations fail consumers

Interestingly;  about two years ago at a bedbug symposium, an official from MOE (which regulates pesticides for the Government in Ontario) got so flustered when  attendees kept mentioning  bringing back certain pesticides to help battle the major bedbug problem all cities are facing,  he threatened  to leave the podium if that line of questions did […]

Tenants moving and taking bedbugs with them

We just finished treating an apartment unit which was badly infested with bedbugs. The tenant had refused to let us treat and actually just moved out. The landlord was pleased he was gone but unhappy at the mess he left behind; as well as the bedbugs. The problem however; is that wherever this person moved […]


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