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Rodent Exterminator

Rodent Exterminator

Over 38 years of experience in Southern Ontario, Action Pest Control protects your family and property from rodents.

Between the huge population spike in Southern Ontario in the last few years, and the addition of many new highways, rodents are quickly losing their natural habitat. This drives them indoors seeking shelter and dark nesting spots.

Our full-time, dedicated team specializes in exterminating rodents and offers:

  • Immediate 7 days a week service
  • Unmarked vehicles dispatched to your location – Discretion Guaranteed
  • Integrated rodent management programs – Including monthly visits for businesses
  • Efficient, affordable, & long term solutions to rodent infestations

Getting rid of rodents is not a simple task. One of the main problems you will face is outdated, store-bought rodenticides, which have a very low toxicity level, which rodents have built up immunities to. As professional technicians, we are licensed to use different formulations of highly efficient baits that are very effective for the long term control of rodents in and around your home.

For over 38 years Action Pest Control has been a trusted name in the pest control industry. We back all our high-quality services with our Money-Back Service Guarantee.

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