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Keep Your Family Safe from Bedbugs

Keep Your Family Safe

  • Keep your family safe from the recent outbreaks of bedbugs in Southern Ontario. Red and swollen bite marks are common on individuals experiencing a bedbug outbreak, especially around the face and neck. Bedbugs are active at night, where they come out of your mattress or other surfaces and feed on blood.
  • Treating bedbugs without professional help is ineffective and a costly exercise, as bedbugs are experts at hiding and can go one month between feedings!

Our dedicated team specializes in bedbug removal:

    • Immediate 7 days a week service – Call us anytime
    • Unmarked vehicles dispatched to your location – Discretion Guaranteed
    • Integrated bedbug management programs – Including monthly visits for businesses
    • Efficient, affordable, & long term solutions to bedbugs

For over 30 years Action Pest Control has been a trusted name in the pest control industry. We back all our high-quality services with our Money Back Service Guarantee.

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