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Grain Beetles Exterminator

With Over 40 years experience in Southern Ontario, Action Pest Control protects your family and property from Grain Beetle infestations.

Grain Beetles are a common pest in Southern Ontario. Grain Beetles are the little pests that come out of your pet food, rice, cookies, flour, etc. There are many different species that we deal with, but they generally all feed on open packaged products that you purchase from your local grocery stores. When in the larvae stage, they generally feed on the same food as the adults.

Our full-time, dedicated team specializes in exterminating grain beetles and offers:

  • Immediate 7 days a week service
  • Unmarked vehicles dispatched to your location – Discretion Guaranteed
  • Integrated management programs – Including monthly visits for businesses
  • Efficient, affordable, & long term solutions for infestations

Dangers of Grain Beetles

As grain beetles are commonly found in food having them poses the risk of consuming them. Meal moths (indian meal moths being the most common) also fall into this category, except that most of the damage to food is done by the larvae. However, the adults are usually the ones you will see flying after the larvae/pupae stage. Unfortunately, for proper control, all open food must be discarded, and your cupboards must be cleaned out and washed before they can then be properly treated with an insecticide to get them under control.

For over 40 years Action Pest Control has been a trusted name in the pest control industry. We back all our high-quality services with our Money Back Service Guarantee.

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Grain Beetles Exterminator Services

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