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Ant Exterminator

With Over 40 years experience in Southern Ontario, Action Pest Control protects your family and property from ant infestations.

There are many different species of ants in Southern Ontario, but the species that does the most damage to a home is the carpenter ant. If left untreated, carpenter ants can do major damage to the structure of a home over a period of time.

Carpenter ants are social insects and generally nest in wood, so it is very important to get them under control very quickly. They prefer to excavate wood damaged by fungus and are found in conjunction with moisture problems; however, unlike a termite they do not eat the wood they excavate.

Ant control can be very difficult and often requires an integrated approach for full elimination of the colony. This may involve drilling holes to get at the nests or removing light switches and plugs.

Our full-time, dedicated team specializes in exterminating ants and offers:

  • Immediate 7 days a week service
  • Unmarked vehicles dispatched to your location – Discretion Guaranteed
  • Integrated ant management programs – Including monthly visits for businesses
  • Efficient, affordable, & long term solutions to ant infestations

We use a micro injector system, which allows us to fully treat wall voids without having to remove the walls. This machine injects an insecticide in a gas form that easily spreads into hard-to-reach voids where the ants prefer to nest. We also do a thorough inspection to determine where all nests are located. Our service will provide you with complete protection both on the interior and exterior of the building.

For over 40 years Action Pest Control has been a trusted name in the pest control industry. We back all our high-quality services with our Money Back Service Guarantee.

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