german cockroach, Blattella germanica

In our area, we deal mainly with three types of roaches: oriental, German, and the brown banded cockroach (pictured above). They are nocturnal insects and because of this, they prefer cool dark places. Homeowners need to beware because cockroaches can enter your home in many different ways including inside boxes, groceries, used clothing, appliances, etc.

If the infestation is bad, we will use insecticides and a fogging machine for total pest control, but in most cases, we use a paste called Max Force, which kills the roaches through ingestion. The Max Force is very safe, so the homeowner does not have to go through the trouble of cleaning out all of their food and dishes, as they would need to for a spray treatment.

The paste is great because, in most situations, it continues to work for up to a year. It is widely used now, mostly in food establishments and hospitals because of the fact that it’s so safe for humans.